Tinder Profile Examples For Men: (Most-Swiped)

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tinder profile examples for men

Looking for Tinder Profile Examples for Men? 

How about learning and take inspiration from the most swiped-right men dating profiles on Tinder? Are they Gods? Aliens? Men of otherworldly handsomeness and wisdom?

No my friends, they just happen to be doing something right. Let’s see what we can learn from them so that your Tinder profiles can also be a success!

Tinder Profile Examples (From Most Right-Swiped Men on Tinder)

1. DAVID – 26, Bradford, Compliance Worker

David tinder profile example for men 1

What’s your Tinder bio?  My name and my location. 

Opening line?  ”Hello :)” It’s worked out so far.

Best date you’ve had? At Go Ape, on a whim. It was different, and sometimes one-to-one can be a bit intense. 

What makes you swipe right? Nice hair, that’s always a bonus. 

What makes you swipe left?  If they come across as judgemental in their bio” 

Takeaway: What we can gather from David’s profile is that, even though he doesn’t have a bio, he does have his occupation and location, which helps at giving a bit more credibility to his profile. Also, although his picture is a selfie, he managed to do so in a way that his face is clearly seen! 

2. VITALIJUS –33, London, Cabin-Crew Manager 

VITALIJUS tinder profile 2

What’s your Tinder bio? “I like it simple and honest. Chemistry is all that matters. Terms and conditions apply.”

Opening line?  “How’ve you been?” 

Best date you’ve had? I matched with someone who lives in Panama, but we didn’t manage to meet. We kept in touch and ended up going on a date in London six weeks later. 

What makes you swipe right? A genuine look. 

What makes you swipe left? When all the pictures are selfies. 

Takeaway: Vitalijus photo is perfect, a smile, showing his face clearly, without any distractors. His bio is short and to the point. Notice the “terms and conditions apply”? Is a funny way to say that you have standards without explicitly saying so in an obnoxious way. Furthermore, it does imply a bit of a challenge ahead. 

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3. VINCENT –23, Bristol, Student

VINCENT tinder profile example 3

What’s your Tinder bio?  “London Boy.” [He grew up there.]

Opening line?  “Tell me an interesting fact about yourself.”

Best date you’ve had?  I’m not huge on the “let’s go for a drink” thing. My perfect date would be Laser Quest!

What makes you swipe right? I quite like it when people have done cool stuff. Anything that’s not just five selfies. 

What makes you swipe left?  Snapchat filters. That’s off-putting 

Takeaway: Now Vincent here is a bit bold, with a real close-up picture of his face. His bio, while not as long as we would like it does give a bit of interesting info and it might be a conversation opener considering that he states is place of origin, showing that with just one interesting fact you can do a lot for your profile. 

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4. JOHN –31, London, Operations Director

John tinder profile example 4

What’s your Tinder bio?  “Loves dogs, seeing friends, travelling.”

Opening line?  If there’s something interesting in their pictures or bio, I’ll ask about that. 

Best date you’ve had? I went with a Spanish girl to Bunkers del Carmel, these civil war ruins that have the highest vantage point over Barcelona. The language barrier was made easier by how picturesque it all was. 

What makes you swipe right?  When a profile seems like an honest reflection of a person, not totally staged.

What makes you swipe left? Snapchat filters. Instant swipe left 

Takeaway: This is a perfect example of a very short list for a bio but with good info. Travelling can be the perfect starter for a conversation, like “what places have you been to?” He also has his occupation listed and his photo is pure gold, not only his smiling like crazy but also he makes sure they know which one is him in a hilarious way. 

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5. CHRIS – 25, London, Corporate Investigator

Chris tinder profile example 5

What’s your Tinder bio?  “Love the outdoors and dogs. Value laughter, a good Negroni and the simple things in life. Ideally looking for someone to build a fort with in the living room of a Sunday. Let’s grab a drink?”

Opening line?  “Is there a boyfriend I should be concerned about?” 

Best date you’ve had?  Probably when I was in Sydney using Tinder internationally to meet new people. I went to a bar with my date, and then we met up a couple more times to explore the city together. 

What makes you swipe right? Good pictures and taste in music. 

What makes you swipe left?  Obnoxious bios making demands like, “If you’re not gym-fit, don’t swipe right”. 

Takeaway: His bio sounds authentic and casual, with various things that can help start or maintain a conversation. Any Negroni lovers out there might be interested and the “looking for someone” part creates engagement. The best part? The closing with a question, direct engagement, which is always a plus.  

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6. DAVID – 34, London, Revenue Control Team Leader

David tinder profile example 6

What’s your Tinder bio?  “Midlands boy, living in the big smoke.”

Opening line?  Just the typical, “Hey, how are you?” It tends to work. 

Best date you’ve had?  When we ended up doing shots with the barman in a tapas place! It all got a bit crazy. 

What makes you swipe right? Aesthetically, a great smile and eyes. 

What makes you swipe left? People in sunglasses. It’s like,”Hello, I can’t see your eyes!” 

Takeaway: Now, in all honestly, I’m not a fan of this one, but maybe that’s just me. Abs-showing selfies in the mirror is not the best way to get those swipes, however, the bio although not that long does have a bit of information about where he comes from, and the comment about London is dry but does make him sound a bit interesting to talk to, so don’t be afraid to be a bit of a cynic! 

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7. PABLO – 34, London, Head of Trading Services

Pablo tinder profile example 7

What’s your Tinder bio? It’s deliberately blank. 

Opening line?  “Where are you from?” Everybody’s up for answering that. 

Best date you’ve had? Being taken to a good restaurant and having my wine preferences described perfectly to the sommelier. I’d have thought that behaviour on a date was tacky, but I was surprised by the knowledge behind it. 

What makes you swipe right? Someone who looks natural and whose photos were taken by others. 

What makes you swipe left? When pictures seem to include their exes. 

Takeaway: Another empty bio! I must admit, I am surprised. Let’s look a bit closer. Now, Pablo does have a great picture (smile, great background, casually dressed) but an empty bio tends to be a big no. However, his occupation is amongst Tinder’s most swiped-right occupations. See why is so important to put that down? 

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8. BRYAN – 28, Tipperary, Irish Dancer

Bryan tinder profile example 8

What’s your Tinder bio? “Southern-Irish guy. Dancer in Riverdance and have travelled the world touring. Now teach kids. Primary-school teaching degree with German. Model. Love all sports; athletics, football, tennis. Animal lover – especially dogs!” 

Opening line?  I usually chat about something in their bio. 

Best date you’ve had?  A second date. We walked on Brighton pier at sunset. I was due to fly out that night, but changed it last-minute. 

What makes you swipe right? Someone who’s physically active. 

What makes you swipe left?  Cockiness. 

Takeaway: Now, Danny aside from showing his great smile has a picture with a puppy, that although stereotypical, is followed by a comment on his bio about loving dogs, so this dog is probably his, which is a plus (guys posing with random dogs is the definition of trying too hard). Also, his bio is pretty good with a lot of information on it which is always encouraged. Not only his occupation but also his hobbies! 

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9. DANNY – 23, Nottingham, Student

Danny tinder profile example 9

What’s your Tinder bio? ”Down to earth guy looking for mates and dates. Love to travel and any excuse to see the world and explore new places.” 

Opening line?  “Hey, how’s you?” Straight to the point. 

Best date you’ve had? Watching Sunset Boulevard. We had orchestra seats and it was amazing because I’d never done anything like that before. 

What makes you swipe right? Career-minded people. I’m a sucker for a suit. 

What makes you swipe left? Snapchat filters or no bio. 

Takeaway: Danny has a great picture because first he is alone, second his face shows clearly and third, there’s no partying going on. His bio is a good compliment, with information about one of his hobbies –traveling- and what he is looking for. Casual, but effective.  

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10. PETER – 24, Manchester, Postgraduate Student

Peter tinder profile example 10

What’s your Tinder bio? “Irish Citizen with a British accent. If you need an EU passport without arousing the suspicions of your Brexit family, I’m your man. Dog ownership a plus. References available upon request.” 

Opening line? I personalise it each time. 

Best date you’ve had?  We went into Primark with 10minutes and £15 to buy each other an outfit, and did a mini-golf course dressed up. 

What makes you swipe right?  If they seem to have a life outside of social media. 

What makes you swipe left? Exclusively group photos. 

Takeaway: Now, you can guess by now what I’m about to say. Photo: Very nice, shows his features clearly and there are no distractors. Occupation is in there too and the comment on the bio is pretty funny and engages the reader, which as we have said, definitely gives some bonus point to the probabilities of getting swiped right.

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So in summary, what have we learned today?  

You have to play to your strengths, and if you have a great job? Don’t hesitate to put that on your profile!

Give some information, hobbies or things you like in general. Engage! This always helps on getting that swipe right because the other person feels involved already, and remember, is all about getting a reaction! 

So go ahead and update that profile if you haven’t already done so, now you know the tips, and you got them from the very best.

Editorial Notice: Thanks to Cosmopolitan Magazine for making this post possible by facilitating the statistics and data from Tinder.
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Milagros Rojas

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