Tinder Profile Tips: From Cringe to Cute in 12 Easy Steps

Are you struggling to get matches on Tinder?

Well, if you’re just not doomswiping but rather have the intention of matching with someone we have a few tips that will come in handy. 

Here you have to shake off all the shyness and show the real you. Even though how hard you need to try vastly varies from who you are. A recent experiment done by ‘whatever’ showed that men should put more effort than women to attract right-swipers. 

Between two Tinder profiles opened with a similar number of photos, ages, and locations from a male and a female model, the woman’s profile received matches 70% of the time, while the man’s profile only 27% of the time. 

What happened after matching?

Well, that female’s profile received a whopping 400 messages in just a few hours as compared to the 28 messages received by the male model.

Men should work a bit harder when using Tinder but the same profile tips apply to both parties. So let us enlighten you with the best Tinder profile tips to transform your love life. Here they are:

Choosing The Right Photos for Your Tinder Profile

The old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” falls flat here. You’ve got only a few seconds to hook your profile viewers with your photos before they decide which way to swipe. So here are a few tips for your photos. 

1. Let Your Photos Tell a Story

Your photos remain one of the most important parts of your Tinder profile. Users will often swipe without even reading bios or seeing interests. The wrong pictures could lead to quick left swipes and fewer matches. 

Go take some fresh pictures that show the best of you. The details shouldn’t be fabricated. For instance, if you’re someone who loves nature, it wouldn’t make sense to have only indoor pictures on your profile. Through your photos, you’re not only showing your physique but also your personality. 

Research shows that outdoor pictures get you 19% more swipes than indoor pictures. What about selfies? They’ll encourage as little as 8% fewer right swipes on your profile. So get creative and start snapping some pictures outside. (Avoid posing with a tuna in your hand, though. It’ll backfire.)

2. Use Group Photos But In Moderation

No matter how many bad decisions you’ve made in your life, this might be the worst. Using group pictures shows very little about you. The only usefulness of group pictures is to show you have a good social life. 

Other than that, they’ll lower your Tinder profile chances to win the right swipes. But if you use one or two pictures where you’re clearly visible (don’t set any of them as primary photos), you’ll be fine with them. 

So keep these Tinder profile tips in mind: 

  • Don’t select a group photo to show first. 
  • Avoid group photos with over five members where you’re hard to see.
  • Don’t block your friends' faces with emojis or edits of any kind.

However, avoid uploading any pictures of you on the football team. It would be nerve-wracking for your potential match to spot you among ten other guys. They’re here to date, not play detectives. 

3. Wear Bright Colors In Your Profile Picture

Wearing clothes that show you in attractive light is possible. In the same way, it’s possible to wear ill-fitting clothes that make you appear immature and unattractive. So invest in your looks, and grab something appropriate. 

After figuring out the right size, pass into selecting clothes with the right colors. Based on Tinder’s statistics, over 72% of its users wear neutral color clothes. Stand out. Wear bright colors to appear more interesting. 

Don’t spare wearing clothes in orange, yellow, or red. Spice up your style, and in the worst-case scenario if you don’t have any clothes in bright colors, pose against an interesting wall, or picturesque scenery.

4. Keep Your Shirt On 

You’ve hit the gym for months, and now you want to flex those hard-built muscles. I get it. But throwing your shirt away might do more harm than good to your profile attractiveness. Muscles aren’t everything. 

Shirtless pictures risk showing you as a self-centered person incapable of empathy. Remember, if you’re searching for a healthy relationship, you wouldn’t want someone to fall for you solely because of your physique. 

Besides this, there are plenty of other reasons to keep your shirt on. Think of those people scrolling through Tinder from their offices with coworkers around, or taking the train back home. 

When your bare chest comes out, they’ll embarrassingly get rid of your profile quickly, let alone consider swiping right on you. Don’t lose the game so early. Keep your shirt on, and save those shirtless pics for later. 

5. No More Than One Selfie

Selfies are easy to take. But quite often, the easiest things to get aren’t the best. So it happens with selfies too. But there are no zero-selfies rules either. One selfie done right is extra points for your profile. 

Here are some Tinder profile tips to capture an irresistible selfie: 

  • Show yourself participating in an activity or sport.
  • Photoshop yourself into an amazing stunt (or hire a Photoshop expert to do it for you.)
  • Experiment with angles, lighting, and backgrounds. 

Just avoid selfies inside a car, mirror selfies, and generally the awkward ones in low quality. You’ll include only one or two so put effort into them. 

If you're still struggling & confused, you can check our Tinder profile examples for men and for women 😉

Writing a Compelling Bio for Your Tinder Profile

After your photos draw eyeballs on your profile it’s time to win them with your Tinder bio. Never leave it empty. It’s your chance to shine a light on your impressive personality. Here are some Tinder profile tips about your bio. 

6. Make Your Bio Relatable 

Avoid superficial bios. We connect with people who relate to our struggles, passions, and dreams. That’s why mentioning them in your bio is vital. Doing so will attract the right person for you.

Here are a few more things to remember when you’re writing your bio: 

  • Use little emojis (avoid placing them mid-sentence). 
  • Keep your sentences short and space them for easy reading. 
  • Mention your intentions and list interesting facts about yourself. 

Keep a positive attitude, and use simple language. It’s not the right place to flex your education. (Unless you’ve gone to Stanford or Harvard.) Here’s an example of a well-written profile: 

“Hey! You’re looking at a relentless romantic who’d cuddle and chat for hours with you. I also can cook delicious dinners, and take you places. Traditional man. Aiming to find my Mrs. Right here.”

Play around with your sentences. Write something funny or intelligent but avoid cliched phrases. (Everyone likes to laugh and have fun with friends.)

7. Use Humour With One-Liners

Humor is priceless. Not only shows that you’re that funny person that makes everyone crack up in laughter when hanging out, but that you’re also capable of cheering them up when they’re bored. 

How to show this in your bio? One-liners are perfect for it. Use punchy one-liners to increase the likelihood of your potential matches swiping right. Don’t tell them you’re a funny person. Crack a funny line instead. 

Enough with theoretical  Tinder profile tips. Let’s have a look at a funny Tinder bio that will flood you with matches. 

“Swipe right if you're ready for a partner who can quote entire episodes of The Office and laugh at their own jokes. 

Bonus points if you can keep up with my obscure movie references and love for puns. 

Warning: dad jokes may be involved.” 

Being funny means stating the obvious unusually. So, think of your surroundings, hobbies, and trends, and write a few lines in your own style. 

8. Write A Bio To Showcase Your True Self

Straightforward Tinder bio

Take the examples above or in any other source with a grain of salt and come up with a bio that matches your personality. No matter what the experts say, copying what works means pretending you’re someone else. 

Use these examples as inspiration. Preserving your authenticity is more important than anything else. You can fake it or have someone else write a bio for you, but you’ll attract incompatible matches, and you won’t be able to keep the conversation going. So keep these tips in mind: 

  • Be honest. If you’re not funny, don’t force yourself to appear so. 
  • Be specific. Charm them with your best qualities and your vision. 
  • Be a planner. Drop a line about activities you’d want to do together. 

Remember to keep your bio concise. Tinder has a limit of 500 characters but an ideal bio is around 250 characters. 

Additional Tips for Your Tinder Profile

Once you set up your photos and an alluring bio, it’s time you start swiping. But before getting there, we have four last Tinder profile tips for you: 

9. Highlight Your Interests 

Even though we’ve mentioned it before, this deserves your full attention. Your bio is an optional space to mention your interests. While we encourage you to do so, it remains optional. Tinder has a special option for interests. 

This option is found in your profile, and you’re allowed to select a minimum of three interests. Other members will see them under your name and they’re a HUGE factor when it comes to matching with potential dates. 

People want to meet people with similar interests, so adding your interests is likely to attract like-minded people. Tinder allows you to select up to five tags for your interests but if they’re not enough, you’ve got your bio. 

Remember, no interest is boring. Binge-watching Netflix sounds like a lame interest. But if you’re really into movies there’s a way to show it in an interesting light. For instance, say something like “Give me 20 seconds and I’ll name ten Steven Spielberg movies on the spot.”

10. Be Selective With Your Matches

Tinder is a vast ocean of members from different backgrounds, and intentions. Not being attentive and selective will ruin your experience using the app. Swipes are limited on Tinder, and even if you’ve upgraded to Premium, you shouldn’t randomly swipe right on profiles, otherwise: 

  • You’ll attract incompatible matches and waste time you could have spent talking to people you really like. 
  • You’ll fall prey to catfishes and gold diggers going after your money. 
  • You’ll match with members who don’t share the same intentions as you regarding relationships. 

Being selective with profiles you swipe right on should be the norm if you want to find someone worth dating (and compatible). Unless you want to experiment with your dating life and meet some weirdos along the way. 

11. Update Your Profile Regularly

As you scroll through profiles, read dating advice, and get little matches, keep revising your profile regularly. No one hits the nail on its head the first time. (Unless you’re a serial dater with a six-pack.) 

Among popular Tinder profile tips, you’ll always find the simple advice to keep pouring work on your profile. Your updates should revolve around: 

  • Being authentic. Lying and pretending won’t take you far (unless you’re VERY good at it.)
  • Experimenting. Try uploading new photos and experimenting with the angles, clothing, and backgrounds. 
  • Being creative. Try something unconventional with your photos, especially with your bio. 

If you follow these tips, finding your ideal match it’ll be just a matter of time. Be patient. As the saying goes, patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.

12. Ask For Feedback From Your Friends

No matter how much you struggle to get the perfect bio and the perfect photos, making a fair evaluation of them is like tasting your own teeth. So don’t be shy to ask a trusted friend for feedback. Go through your photos together to pick the best ones. It’s best if you ask more than one friend. 

Do the same for your bio. Ask them to suggest a Tinder bio that matches your personality, or even better, let them help you define what traits make you attractive. It’s best to ask friends of the opposite gender. 

They’ll see your profile from the perspective of your potential matches and tell you what’s attractive and what’s cringe. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the process of updating your online dating profiles is never-ending until you find your ideal match. Use these tips wisely, and feel free to break them if you have to. With this said, happy swiping!  

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