20 Freaky Things to do to Your Boyfriend

Guys love it when a girl is really freaky. 

It turns them on massively and increases their sexual attraction to you. 

The filthier you are, the more they will want you!

Indeed, guys want a girl who is sweet, caring, and tender … but who also has a freaky side that she unleashes in the bedroom. He wants to romance you, and take care of you – but he also wants to fuck you in all kinds of kinky ways

If you're looking for some sexy inspiration, we'll be taking a look at kinky things to do to your boyfriend. We must warn you, though – only read on if you're a super freak.

Nice girls should leave now. 

Freaky Things to Do to Your Boyfriend

1. Sext Him While He's at Work 

Picture the scene: He's sitting at his desk, bored. 

He has to complete boring, monotonous tasks that he absolutely hates all day long.

And the only thing he has to look forward to tonight is eating dinner and watching TV with you.

Then, it's time for a cuddle in bed before he has to repeat it all tomorrow. 

If he's lucky, he'll get a kiss.

The last thing he's expecting right now as he opens up another spreadsheet is a racy sext from you that tells him explicitly what you would do to him if you were in the office right now.

“I would crawl on my knees to your desk, stroke your coke while gazing into your eyes, before undoing your belt slowly, licking my lips …” 

Wowzers. He certainly didn't expect that. (you can find more sext examples here)

Sexts are hot. But they can be even hotter if you loosen up your inhibitions and go into explicit detail. Be as naughty as possible! Don't hold back. Describe how and where you want to fuck him. Make him hard while he reads your words. 

2. Give Him a Lap Dance

Give Him a Lap Dance

I was once dating a girl who seemed pretty sexually adventurous. 

A few days into our relationship, I asked her if she'd ever given a dude a lap dance before. 

To my surprise, she answered in the negative.

“What? Seriously?”

“I mean, I've always wanted to …”

So why hadn't she?

And why haven't you given your boyfriend a lap dance yet? 

A lap dance is one of the best ways to tease him and turn him on. You'll need a few props for this, of course, including an outfit, a chair – and maybe some handcuffs for him so that he can look without touching (it's freaky, do it). 

And if you've never given a lap dance before, you might want to practice by watching some videos first. Once you've got the hang of it, start fully clothed, grind him, and sit on his crotch … before slowly removing each item of clothing one by one and making him beg for permission to touch you. 

3. Send Him a Picture of You Touching Yourself 

Sexting is a lot of fun, and it'll definitely turn him on. 

But how about you turn things up a notch by sending him a racy picture of you touching yourself?

You can take the picture however you like – you can be fully clothed, partially clothed, or naked.

4. Send Him a Sexy Voice Message 

Sexting him and sending him naked pictures of yourself is hot!

But you know what's even hotter and kinkier?

Sending him a voice message of you moaning and saying his name while you're touching yourself.

Especially if he happens to listen to it during his work break, this kind of thing is so freaky that he will be at your mercy. 

5. Film Yourselves Having Sex 

One of the things that couples rarely do but which is an exciting way to put some spice back into their sex life is filming themselves having sex. 

In other words, a sex video that can be watched and enjoyed repeatedly.

What is a sex video? 

Literally, what you think it is: You set up a camera (it could even be your mobile device), point it at, say, your bed – and then press record and have sex in front of it.

Then, you watch the movie back together, get turned on some more – and have sex again.

Filming yourselves having sex is audacious and can make the sex more mind-blowing because it's almost a form of exhibitionism. Because what you do is being recorded, it's as though someone else is watching you. 

6. Watch TV In Your Lingerie 

put on Your Lingerie

Ever walked around the house naked?

Of course, you have! Who hasn't?

You've probably watched TV in your lingerie, too. 

But have you ever thrown your clothes off and stripped down to your lingerie … before strolling into the lounge, bending over in front of the TV, and sitting down in front of your boyfriend?

If you haven't, it's time to do this erotic thing right now!

Pro tip: Wear your sexiest underwear. 

7. Cook Naked 

Today, you're going to cook your boyfriend's favorite meal. 

While NAKED.

Cooking naked is hot. But it's even hotter when you surprise him with it.

Don't tell him what you're planning to do. Just say you're going to cook for him today. 

Then, casually walk past the TV naked and into the kitchen. 

If he's any kind of man, he'll follow you there …

8. Play With HIS Nipples 

We know for a fact that men love to play with girls' nipples. They love it when a girl's nipples get hard. They love to suck with their mouths and massage with their fingers. 

But what about turning the tables and pleasuring him by touching his nipples?

That's right – guys' nipples get hard, too. Just as he sucks and plays with yours, you can suck and play with his, too. 

Go to town on them. Bite his chest, pull at his nipples, and suck them like there's no tomorrow. 

It's kinky as hell. 

9. Buy Some Sexy Toys For Him 

Girls buy sex toys. We know this. Girls use toys – they fuck themselves with them, and sometimes their partners fuck them with them. 

But what about buying sex toys for your boyfriend that you can both use on him? 

Sex toys for men are seriously underrated – and seriously kinky. There are lots of sex toys for heterosexual men out there, and they're fantastic for spicing up your sex life. 

Anal beads, double-ended dildos, strokers, penis pumps … you've got lots of options.

Go shopping and surprise him with your kinky purchases!

10. Go Out With Him … Without Your Panties 

Go Out With Him without Your Panties

Plan an evening out with him – maybe a date night – and put your sexiest outfit on without any panties.

You'll feel super hot – and so will he when you casually tell him that, “oh, by the way, I'm not wearing any panties.”

Don't tell him until the two of you are out. Surprise (and shock) him.

11. Ask Him To Pull Your Hair 

I won't lie; some girls are really into the idea of their hair being pulled super hard. It's kinky, it's freaky, and they like it.

But some girls discourage it because it hurts.

If you're the kind of girl who gets turned on whenever their partner pulls their hair during sex, now is the time to ask him to yank yours hard during sex. 

Perhaps he could start by teasing you – gently running his fingers through your hair before getting a good grip and pulling it harder and harder. 

12. Blindfold Him

The next step in tying him up is placing a blindfold around his eyes.

Then, tease all of his senses. Whisper dirty things to him in his right ear and then his left. 

Gently and slowly touch him everywhere – his nipples, his crotch, his chest, his lips.

Waft your sensuous, womanly smell around him and make him throb with desire for you! 

13. Bite Him 

Some guys (and girls) like to bite (and be bitten).

Some hate it. I get that. 

But if you want to practice freaky and kinky things to do with your boyfriend, a bit of biting has to be on the menu. 

Make sure you don't bite too hard, of course. At the same time, your aim should be to cover him in a few light bruises. 

14. Ask Him To Spank You 


And if he isn't spanking you hard enough, ask him, “what kind of a man are you?”

Naturally, you don't want to go too far with this one because some people associate spanking with abuse. 

But if you both consent to it, you should tell your boyfriend exactly how you want to be spanked, as well as how hard you want him to spank your ass.

Ideally, he should start softly at first because it's likely that his big hands will hurt you too much if he strikes you too hard the first time around.

It's also a good idea for him to rub your butt after the first few spanks so that it doesn't cause you too much pain later on.

And, hey, if you're into a bit of bruising, that's fine. But if you're not, let him know when you want him to stop so that you can both move on to other naughtier things. 

15. Tie Him Up 

Tie Him Up

Over the years, I've had sexual partners who have told me they don't want to be tied up in no uncertain terms.

One or two begged to be tied up.

Being tied-up is a bit taboo – and it's freaky. 

One night, and without warning, surprise your boyfriend by wrapping a tie or a scarf around his wrists before teasing him any way you want. Maybe you could leave the room for hours while he has to wait until you return. 

16. Perform Mutual Masturbation 

Some couples enjoy mutual masturbation, other couples not so much … and then there are those couples who have never even tried it.

Mutual masturbation is the act of watching each other masturbate.

That's right – you touch yourself, and he touches himself at the same time.

You can touch each other too if you want. 

Naturally, “putting on a show” for someone can seem a little daunting at first, especially if you've never done this sort of thing before. But it's a lot of fun, it's very kinky, and it can stoke the flames of desire so that, eventually, he wants to have full sex with you. 

17. Drip Massage Wax On Him 

The first time a girl offered to hot drip massage on me scared me. 

After all, wouldn't it burn me? 

I'd seen porn stars drip wax on one another, and it looked hot.

But having hot wax poured on myself? Not sure about that!

However, massage candles don't burn. I can assure you of this. 

They're 100% safe to use, and they're super hot. 

Just make sure to read the instructions first properly and to talk things through with your partner so that he's entirely on board with what you're going to do. 

Then, once the time is right, gently pour the wax over his body (the back is always a nice, intimate part of the body). He will love it and think you are truly freaky. 

18. Act Out a Role Play 

Act Out a sexual Role Play

Sexual role play is a lot of fun.

It's straightforward and easy to do, too.

And if you want to be extra kinky and freaky, I suggest you take your role play to another level.

Now, I'm not going to tell you what naughty and freak sex fantasies the two of you should act out. That's up to you to decide. But now is the time for you to free your inhibitions and inhabit a role you've always wanted to inhabit but always been afraid to in case your boyfriend accused you of being “weird.”

To that end, it's also crucial that you encourage him to act out his most unusual desires. What role play has he always wanted to try? 

Don't be normal here – be daring and risqué. Think outside the box. Be as kinky as anything.

After all, as long as the sex is consensual between you and your partner, it's ultimately harmless. 

19. Have Sex in a Public Place 

Most people have surely fantasized about having sex in a public place.

But how many are willing to try it?

Sex in a public place is perilous – and that's what makes it such a turn-on.

And if you willingly approached your boyfriend and said you want to have sex in a public place? His heart will race at your daringness.

Of course, there are degrees here to be taken into account. Does having sex in a public place automatically make you freaky and kinky?

A little. But it depends on how and how you do it.

For instance, sex on an airplane – that's naughty.

But sex in a field? That's freakier. 

Or, how about sex in an elevator? 

Or sex in a swimming pool? 

You've got lots of options, but how you go about having sex in a public place will determine how freaky he thinks you are … as well as how turned on he is.

For instance, would you get fully naked? Would you stay fully clothed and practice oral sex instead?

Another option could be to take a seat in a crowded cafe and stroke his crotch underneath the table. No one would have any clue what you're doing as your boyfriend reaches his climax. And that sort of thing is hot, freaky, and kinky. 

20. Bite His Tongue 

Bite His Tongue

The first time a girl bit my tongue, I was taken slightly aback. I mean, it surprised me because she'd never done anything like that before. We were kissing in a cafe, taking things easy – and then she bit me. 

And she bit me hard

She bit me so hard that I even bled a little.

It was freaky, it was kinky – and it turned me on. A lot.

The next time you're kissing him, don't be afraid to bite his tongue a little. Don't clamp your teeth so that you slice his tongue in two, but bite him hard enough so that he gasps in surprise at your freakiness.

And don't ask him for permission first, because that will spoil all the fun.

After you've bitten him, continue to kiss him passionately before pulling away and licking your lips in devilish delight. 

He might be surprised at first, but if he's as freaky and as kinky as you are, he will come to LOVE it. 

Takeaway: 👇

These are 20 freaky and kinky things you can try with your boyfriend right now. Experiment as much as you want, be prepared to push boundaries – and surprise and shock him with your naughtiness. Just remember to be sexy, filthy, and kinky, but never go too far if he isn't feeling it. Make sure that you're both comfortable, but do what you need to do to turn him on in ways he's never been turned on before. 

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