5 Steps Guide: Here’s How To Get Laid Fast In 2023


Do you want to get laid? 

The thing with getting laid is that, as you might already be aware, it isn't that simple.

You need to overcome obstacles, including meeting a woman, charming a woman into having sex with you, and fending off the competition so that the woman only wants YOU.

But here's the deal: Just as you want to get laid, women want to get laid, too. As long as you do the right things and don't come across as a total jerk or – worse still – a creepy person, there is plenty of hope for you.

And it doesn't matter what you look like. Unlike men, women are driven wild with desire by their emotions. As such, if you can push all the right buttons and trigger the correct emotional responses, women will soon become putty in your hands. They will want you. 

Naturally, this article isn't going to do all the work for you. But as I look at how to get laid more often, I will be sharing with you expert tips that work so well that even dudes with ZERO self-esteem have been able to have sex every night of the week.

What I need from you is a promise that you will follow through with everything in this article. If you can do that, there is every chance that attractive women will start falling over themselves to have sex with you. 

I'll be breaking things down into different stages, starting with:

  • Your confidence 
  • Understand when a girl is interested in you
  • Teasing her and creating sexual attraction
  • Escalating things physically 
  • Sex

Warning: If you can't handle women begging to have sex with you, this article might not be for you. 

Let's make a start, gentlemen. 

5 Steps Guide to Get Laid

1. Be Confident like An Alpha Male

Do nervous, anxious men have sex? 

Of course, they do. God isn't that unkind. 

But these guys are typically in long-term relationships.

And if they're not, they might have pity casual sex (with a girl who pities them) one time.

They certainly won't be getting laid all the time. 

For one night stand, you need to be a confident guy who controls himself and his emotions.

“I get that,” you might be protesting. “But I'm just not a confident guy; I have never been.”

It doesn't matter – confidence is something that can be learned.

Sure, some guys are born with confidence. Some guys are extroverted by nature. Some guys were walking across a room to do a cold approach with a girl when they were just out of diapers. 

But the most confidence you see in the world – whether shown by a movie star or your best friend – is learned. 

Here are some tips to help get you started:

Wear the right clothes. There are fewer true sayings in this world than “clothes make the man.” They do. If you wear clothes that fit just right and which you know look smart and slick, you will feel ten-feet-tall. I promise you. Ditch the baggy outfits. Go see a tailor. Oh, and another thing with wearing the right clothes – you're selling yourself to her. A woman doesn't want to have casual sex with a poorly groomed man who doesn't know how to dress! 

Stand up straight. It might only seem like a small thing, but I promise you this: If you start standing up straight all the time when you walk into a room, you will have so much more belief in yourself instantly. 

Learn how to dance. I can guarantee that no man on earth who knows how to dance struggles for confidence. Take dancing lessons to bring out the confidence that's within you and you'll start attracting women like never before! 

Develop a purpose. A man who has no purpose in life will struggle to have confidence in himself because his life is so meaningless! Get on your purpose, make that your number one priority, and confidence in yourself will come. Then, the women will follow. 

2. Use Hookup Apps to Get Laid 

There are some great online dating sites out there where anyone can get laid as long as they do/say the right things.

Speaking from personal experience, these include the hookup apps like AdultFriendFinder and Down.

Tinder is easily the OG, however. It's free to send and receive messages, and despite many girls these days putting “no hookups” in their bio, it's still an excellent place to meet hot girls who wanna get laid.

Moreover, there's a super simple trick that will ensure you don't waste your precious time and energy on girls who don't want to hook up. The trick is known as screening, and it works like this:

Once you match with a girl, you send them a flirty icebreaker. This must demonstrate your intent (you want to get laid) instantly. As such, it has to be flirty and a bit naughty.

For example, you could write something like “Hey, trouble” and append it with a wink emoji. 

Naturally, some girls won't respond to this. So what? You unmatch them. 

But when a girl does respond to it and flirts back, you know she is worth your time. She wants what you want.

From there, you need to flirt some more before asking for her number and taking things off Tinder as soon as possible

The longer you leave it, the more you risk steering things into serious relationship territory. And that's the last thing you want right now. 

3. Read The Signs She Wants Sex With You 

Okay, so let's say you've either bagged yourself a date or you've met a girl on a night out. The next step is to understand whether or not the girl wants to have sex with you. 

Some girls will want sex with you. Others won't. That's just the law of the land.

But what happens when a girl wants sex with you … but you can't read the sexual tension signs.

I'll tell you what happens: She loses all interest in you and goes elsewhere searching for sex. You, meanwhile, return home empty-handed and convince yourself she didn't want sex with you. “There'll be others,” you say to yourself. 

If a girl wants to have sex with you, she will let you know subtly in ways only a girl can. 

For instance, when she's talking with you, she'll play with her hair. She'll also laugh at stuff you say, even if what you say isn't that funny! 

She will also playfully TOUCH you, as well as gaze into your eyes when she's talking to you. 

And when I say gaze, I mean gaze. She'll be staring into your eyes in such a way that it's almost as though you've put a spell on you, and she only has eyes for you right now. No one else matters. 

“But wait a minute – isn't that what all girls do when they're talking to us?”

If you even have to ask that question, I've got some news for you: It's no surprise you're not getting any action!

A girl will ONLY do these things when she wants to have sex with you. 

Don't be shy. She wants you. Read her signals and take advantage of them. DON'T ignore them and assume she doesn't want to have sex with you. For in-depth guidance, you can read this article on clear signs a woman is attracted to you sexually.

4. Make Her Want You With Your Words 

I get it – we're not all wordsmiths. While some guys have silver tongues and can charm the birds out of the trees, others have to work much harder.

Some are so bad with words that they get so tongue-tied that the girl feels sorry for them when they try to flirt!

However, I'll level with you: If you can use words to paint pictures in her head of what sex with you will look like, you will 100% increase your chances of getting laid. 

What should you be doing? 

Once you've gotten past the initial approach and have chatted and flirted with her for a while, and once you know from her signals that she is totally into you, it's time to ramp up her sexual desire for you by telling her in no uncertain terms how you imagine sex with her will look like. 

You should tell her explicitly precisely what you want to do with her: How you will undress her, tease her, lick her – how you will fuck her.

Remember, ONLY do this if she's given you her consent. If she pulls back and looks uncomfortable, stop immediately. 

If, however, she is turned on by your words, you may proceed …

There is an art to all this, of course. I don't want you to say something vulgar and crass like, “I want to rip your dress off, shove my d*** inside you, and c*** all over you.”

There's no art or finesse to that, and she WON'T be turned on. 

Instead, I want you to think about what you are saying. I want you to tell her a story from start to finish. I want you to speak slowly, to lower your voice almost to a whisper. I want you to consider your tone of voice as you build sexual tension. 

I want you to take extended pauses to give her time to process what you're saying – time to imagine it, time to want more and more of it. 

If you need tips on how to improve your games then you can our article Things That Make Most Women Horny.

5. Escalate Things Physically 

The thing with getting laid is that girls want you as the man to be sexually assertive.

If you're not sexually assertive – especially if you're afraid of being sexually assertive in case she thinks you're creepy or coming on too strong – she will soon get bored and move on. 

It's a biological thing. Girls are horny too. And they NEED a dominant male who will dominate them in the bedroom.

So, you need to approach women more often.

And while a girl would dearly love to initiate sex herself, she wants you to lead (mostly because girls are scared of looking like sluts. I know it sounds harsh, but it's true). 

So, at some point, after a) you've read her signals and can tell that she's interested in you, and b) you've teased her with your words and actions, it's time to escalate things physically by being sexually assertive.

“I mean, I've never really been sexually assertive in my life! What should I do?”

If you're not used to being sexually assertive, it's probably why you're reading this article in the first place. As such, you've got absolutely nothing to worry about. After all, it's why this article is here: To teach you exactly what you need to do to get laid fast. 

You need to show her that you're sexually attracted to her. And, don't worry, most modern women don't mind good times. Take your chance on beautiful women or on your dream girl. Don't fear rejection!

There are two main ways you can escalate things physically: 

  • Invite her back to your place. Never invited a girl to your place? Always go out for drinks instead? Now's the time to let her know EXACTLY what your intentions are by inviting her where the two of you can be alone and can have great sex. 
  • Ask her to dance. Dancing is incredibly sexy. When two people on a date go for a dance, the next stage is pretty much always sex. Don't know how to dance? Take lessons. 
  • Body Language. It's a great way to subtly yet explicitly show that you're sexually attracted to her. Look at her lips, make eye contact, stand and sit with legs wide open, and romantically gaze at her body from up to bottom.

A third way is perhaps more apparent, although it's maybe more challenging for some beginners to pull off (although you need to get used to doing it), which is to go in for the kiss. 

Once you kiss the girl, she will know your intentions fully, and – owing to however she responds – you will know hers, too. 

Takeaway 👇

Getting laid isn't rocket science. But getting laid more often requires you to be the dominant, confident, well-groomed man that girls desire. Physical appearance is not everything. You become a very attractive man when you take care of yourself, use the right apps, go to the right places to meet women, and say and do the right things, you can take total control of your sex life – and have the sex you deserve. Just remember never to do anything that makes a girl feel uncomfortable and always move on if she isn't interested. 

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