50 Hottest Sexting Examples To Spice Things Up



To many, sexting is totally intimidating. Like, seriously, what do you even say? 

You may feel awkward saying ‘co*k,’ ‘pu*sy,’ or ‘f3ck’ via text and may feel like you’re trying too hard to sound sexy. We’ve all been there!

But, the intimidation stems mostly from being unfamiliar with the process. So, don’t worry; we’re here to help. 

You’ll be relieved to know that sexting is not as scary as it seems once you get your thumbs moving. And it can do wonders for a relationship because of its ability to bring couples closer together and build sexual tension.

Plus, it’s a wild and fun time once you master your individual style. 

Sexting is commonly associated with LDRs in order to hold onto the physical and sexual part of a relationship. It also tends to occur during the ‘honeymoon’ phase of a relationship when you’re always horny for your partner and craving to know everything that turns them on. But, sexting in any relationship can help release major sparks. 

According to Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., a California- and Hawaii-based marriage and sex therapist, “There’s a whole spectrum of ways to use sexting—and get benefits out of it…I’ve seen people open themselves up more sexually overall because they started sexting with their partner.” Furthermore, sexting can help to improve other parts of a relationship, as well. A study published in Computers in Human Behavior found that partners that practiced sexting had more positive consequences on their relationship and strengthened both their physical and emotional bonds. 

The power of intimacy with it comes to sexting is undeniable. So there’s no reason not to give it the good ‘old college try if you think your lover is losing interest in you. But, if you’re still wondering where to start or how to master this modern-age dating essential, check out our tips below and the type of sexts you can send. You have our permission to steal the gems we thought up for you!

The Rules of Sexting

  • Use the Right Language

Using the right language when you are sending sexy messages can really dial up the temptation. The trick to talking dirty is to use words that resonate with the person you’re sexting while still being true to yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable using the words, then don’t. Using them just for the pleasure of your partner will not do your sext conversation any good.

In fact, it will seem forced and uncomfortable, which will combat the ultimate goal of being open and vulnerable with your sweetheart. 

However, it is still important to use language that engages your partner. The way to figure out what works and what doesn’t is by observation. Take note of how your partner talks via text and during in-person sexual encounters. If it's a language that you can get on board with, definitely use it. If not, then maybe you can find a happy medium. Sexting is only fun if both partners are enthusiastic and engaged. 

  • Don’t Overthink Pics

If you feel comfortable with the person you are sexting and it feels ‘right,’ then sending photos especially erotic can really spice a conversation up. However, always be cautious when sending a photo like this. You need to have full trust that the person you are sending it to will not share it with others and will respect your privacy. 

When taking a sexy selfie, don’t overthink it! The photo you send doesn’t have to be fully nude or nude at all. In fact, the photo could just be a cute selfie of you in the bathroom mirror! When posing for a photo, don’t get caught up in lighting and angles. The photo is a treat in itself. It means that you are comfortable enough and open enough to share that part of yourself with the person you’re texting. 

  • Incorporate Emojis 😘

Incorporating emojis for sexting is a great way to keep the conversation fun and flirty. It makes the whole back-and-forth thing you’ve got going on, playful and exciting. Also, emojis tend to add a bit of mystery to the sexting conversation. Having your partner decode what you are trying to say through emojis keeps them engaged. 

Plus, there are a million and one ways to combine emojis to get your point across. For example, pairing a heart with a bone means either ‘I love your c*ck’ or ‘I want to bone.’ Either way, sending this pair will get things really hot really fast!

  • Be Open and Vulnerable

Putting emojis aside, when you’re using actual words to sext, you must remain open and vulnerable. Sexting can be an intimidating practice, especially if you’re usually the one to stay quiet during times of intimacy. As a sexter, the screen can either create a barrier between you and your partner or it can help break down a wall. It’s up to you how you use it. 

To break down a wall and become closer to your partner, practice speaking openly about your feelings, both physical, such as that tingle you get when they touch your thigh, and emotional. Sexting with an open mind can lead to new discoveries about your relationship and turn-ons. It also will allow you to create a stronger bond emotionally, which will intensify the physical connection that you share. 

  • Be Specific and Creative

One of the greatest rules of sexting is to be creative and specific with your sexy text messages. How many times can you type, ‘I want you,’ or ‘you’re so sexy,’ without dying of boredom?

Or even worse, losing the interest of the person you’re texting. 

To keep the game going hot, be specific. Little tricks such as bringing up old memories, things you know they like, locations you’d like to fool around with them, and fantasies you’d like to try are all ways to keep them hooked and interested.

No one wants vanilla or generic sex.

People are searching for toe-curling orgasms and late-night exploring with that special someone. Sexting can help to promise them this passion. 

Best Sexting Examples

The Memories Sexts

1. Remember that time we snuck upstairs at your parent’s house? Let’s do that again this weekend at dinner.

2. I’m still thinking about last night.

3. I love thinking about how your ass looks when I bend you over the end of my bed. 

4. I can’t wait to feel your body on top of me again.

5. Thinking about the time you went down on me at (insert: event/location) makes me (insert: wet/hard). 

6. I always cum to the thought of the way you move your hips. 

What You Gonna Do To Them Sexts

7. I can’t wait to see you so I can (insert: desire). 

8. I am looking at the clock waiting for the moment I get to grab sweet ass again.

9. Let’s plan a night next week to do something a little crazy, like (insert: desire). 

10. Can you come over to play? I have something for you…

11. I want you to do whatever you want to me tonight.

12. When I come over later, meet me at the door…naked. 

The Compliment Sexts

13. You have the perfect (insert: body part).

14. I love how tight you wrap your legs around me when I’m giving it to you.

15. Your pussy feels like it was made for my cock.

16. I love watching your tits bounce while you ride my dick.

17. The way you look at me while you’re going down on me drives me crazy.

18. How did you get to be so sexy?

19. You’re so good with your hands. 

I ‘Want’/ I ‘Wish’ Sexts

20. I want you to take me from behind.

21. I wish you were here right now so I could show you my new toy.

22. I want to kiss you from your head all the way to your toes.

23. I wish we were closer so I could come over tonight and make you feel good.

24. I want to make you cum with my (insert: body part).

25. I wish you’d let me give you a little release. 

26. I want to sneak up behind you and kiss your neck and ear until you’re so turned on you can’t take it anymore. 

The Sneak-Peak Sexts

27. Tonight, I want you to lay on the bed naked and let me do the work.

28. After you go down on me, I’m going to fuck you until you scream.

29. Get ready, I’m going to make you explode.

30. Later, I bet I can make you cum in less than three minutes. 

31. Next time we’re together, I’m going to make you get on your knees and beg for it.

32. I can’t wait to see you tonight. Will you be my ultimate fantasy?

Teasing Sexts

33. I’m so (insert: hard/wet) thinking about you. 

34. I’m about to jump in the shower…wish you were here.

35. I had a sexy dream about us last night…wanna hear about it?

36. Too bad you’re not here right now…my (insert: hand/vibrator) is tired.

37. Guess who doesn’t have any panties on right now?

38. I always get so horny when I watch (insert: show) and I’ve been binging it all day.

The Ultimate Sexual Fantasies Sexts

39. What kind of porn really turns you on?

40. I’ve always wanted someone to tie me up and devour me. Do you want to fulfill that fantasy?

41. Being blindfolded gets me so excited. I love not knowing where I’m going to be touched next.

42. Have you ever thought about having a threesome?

43. I’ve been a bad girl, Daddy. What are you going to do about it?

44. I kind of want to try something new with you….are you open to it?

General Sext Responses 

45. You’re so dirty, I love it.

46. You turn me on so much.

47. What would you do to me next?

48. Tell me where you want me to kiss you first. 

49. I want you so bad. 

50. I wish you were here so I could do that for you. 

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