91+ Dirty Things to Say to Turn Him On Instantly

Talking dirty to your man isn’t easy if you’re not naturally the freakiest girl around – but it’s essential if you’re to keep him horny and interested.

Talking dirty is for sure something that can be learned, and once you’ve learned how to do it, your man will be begging you for sex. He will be so horny he would want to fuck you right now

In this article, we’re going to take a look at 100 of the naughtiest examples of dirty talk that will arouse your man, increase his desire for you – and improve your relationship. You will learn the right things to say – and how to say them. 

But first..

Here are 5 reasons you should talk dirty to your man:

  • You’ll learn more about each other, including the things you can and can’t say. Boundaries will be erected – or knocked down altogether!
  • He’ll learn more about your needs. Sometimes, a man doesn’t know exactly what girls want unless they get specific. 
  • It’s great foreplay! Dirty talk is one of THE best ways to get you two in the mood for proper sex.
  • Sex will get better. Really!
  • It’s just fun! Talking dirty isn’t good clean fun – but it’s a lot of fun all the same. The two of you will bond more, and you might even find yourselves having a full-on giggle.

How to talk dirty with confidence.

Talking dirty is all about being as sexy as you can be so that you turn him on. You want to get his sexual desire ramped up into overdrive. If you’re not used to talking dirty to your man, here are some naughty tips: 

1. Try Role-play

One of the best and most creative ways to talk dirty is to indulge in a little bit of role play.

For example, you could create a scenario, such as the two of you getting trapped in an elevator, before asking him what happens next. 

Then, the two of you take turns adding parts to the erotic story.

2. Say What’s On Your Mind

We all have sexual fantasies – but how many of us are willing to voice them? 

When it comes to dirty talk, the naughtier the better. But unless you’re confident enough to speak what’s REALLY on your mind, dirty talk won’t be as sensual and exciting as it could be.

So if there’s a fantasy you’ve always wanted to explore, now is the time to explore it. 

3. Have An Affair

Dirty talk is, by its very nature, something that should push boundaries. 

And what can push boundaries in a relationship more than having an affair? 

Of course, this is only a pretend affair. But as the two of you say secretive stuff to each other, the heat will increase! 

4. Whisper In His Ear

One of the sexiest things you can do is whisper in your man’s ear what you want to do to him. Tell him your nastiest, wildest desires and don’t hold anything back. Make him beg for more, tease him with your words. Be sweet and sexy. 

5. Make Noises 

Dirty talk isn’t just words – it’s also noises. 

In other words, you should moan and groan for him. Let him know that you’re aching for him, that you feel pleasure and are on the verge of orgasming. Make him feel as though he’s turning you on just by talking to him. 

At the same time, don’t moan excessively. You don’t want it to sound fake and contrived, as this will only turn him off. 

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Dirty Things To Say In Bed

I've slipped my panties off
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When you’re lying next to your man in bed, you can say things that invite and encourage him to fuck you right there and then. 

But first, of course, you need to tease him. Here are 25 examples of dirty things to say in bed: 

“I want your eyes looking at me.”

“I want to taste you.”

“I want your hands all over me.” 

“I want all of you.” 

“Make me come tonight.” 

“Are you awake? Because I’d like you to go down on me.” 

“Even when you’re in a bad mood I just want to fuck your brains out.”

“I’ve slipped my panties off.” 

“I can’t sleep. All I can think of is you fucking me.” 

“I just had the sexiest dream ever.” 

“Why aren’t you naked?”

“I want to feel your cock against me.”

“I feel so horny when lying next to you, I just want to fuck all the time.” 

“Take your eyes off me, they’re making me wet.”

“Fuck me or I’ll scream.” 

“I want you to treat me like a fuck doll.” 

“I wanna be a slut tonight under the sheets.”

“Fuck me like you hate me tonight.”

“Taste me.”

“Make me feel bad.”

“Use my body.”

“I want us to cover the sheets in cum tonight.”

“I want to dream of us fucking.”

“You’re not leaving this bed until you’ve punished me.”

“I did some bad things today. Are you gonna punish me?”

Dirty Things To Say Over Text 

im so horny for you
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Spending time away from man can be really annoying when you’re horny as hell. Here are 25 dirty things to say over text that will ensure you’re always on his mind: 

“If I wasn’t at work I’d be jumping all over you.”

“Thinking of you at work has made me so wet.”

“I need you inside of me right now.”

“You looked so hot when I left you this morning.”

“I’m not wearing any panties.”

“I had the naughtiest dream about you last night.”

“I’ve thought of a new sex position we should try.”

“Let’s play a game. If you get the answer right, I’ll let you do whatever you want with me tonight.”

“I wish we were both naked right now.”

“I’ve been so naughty today and need to be punished.”

“I just came.”

“I’m wet.”

“Get your sexy butt over here. Now. I won’t wait forever.”

“I want to fuck you.”

“I’m going to explode.”

“I’ve bought new lingerie. Wanna see it?”

“I’m in a dressing room, totally naked.”

“I’m touching myself. Wanna help a girl finish off?”

“Wish we could fuck in a public bathroom right now.”

“I am so horny for you.”

“What movie gets you in the mood?”

“What do you want me to do to you tonight?”

“Oops, I’ve just spilled chocolate sauce on my boobs …” 

“Let’s fuck tonight.” 

Dirty Things To Say Over Call

I'm sucking you dry
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The next time you have a phone call, turn up the heat with these 25 dirty things to say over call”

“Are you going to make me feel sore in the morning?”

“I can still taste you from last night.” 

“If only we could have sex right now.”

“I’m touching myself.” 

“Just hearing your voice makes me wet.”

“How do you want to fuck me?”

“If you could do anything to me right now, what would it be?”

“We’re trapped in a deserted barn house together. It’s raining. What happens next?” 

“I want you to cum while talking on the phone to me.”

“Grab your dick for me.”

“I’ve got your cock in my mouth.” 

“I’m squeezing my nipples and imagining it’s your hand.” 

“I’ve just slipped my panties off.” 

“Wanna see what I look like while on the phone to you? Clue – I’m totally naked.” 

“All I’ve thought about all day is fucking you silly.” 

“I’m on my knees, waiting to suck your coke”

“I’m lying in bed on the phone, trying so hard not to touch myself.” 

“I wanna drench the phone in cum.”

“I need you to come home and get me off this phone and take me into bed.”

“Do you think you can turn me on right now?”

“Tell me where you want me to put my hands.” 

“I’m sucking you dry.” 

“I want you to bend me over.” 

“You’d better be naked too.” 

“I’m wearing your t-shirt.”

“I’m touching my breasts.”

Dirty Things To Say (Best of the Rest) 

im dripping wet
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These are the best sexting messages examples for him that can be used in any situation.

“I’m dripping wet.” 

“Forget everything else, let’s fuck all weekend!” 

“Where do you want to cum on me?”

“Did I tell you I’m not wearing any panties today?”

“I can’t focus at work. All I’m thinking about is your dick in my mouth.”

“Tell me your biggest fantasy.”

“My pussy is soaking wet because of you.”

“I’m looking at spreadsheets at work but all I can see is your dick.”

“Wanna hear all about the sex dream I had about us?”

“Tonight isn’t about you – it’s about me.”

“I want you inside me tonight.”

“If you were with me right now, this is what I’d do to you …”

“I just came in the bathroom at work.” 

“I want us to wake the neighbors up next time.”

“My legs are still shaking from last time.” 

“I want you to start taking your clothes off before you even get inside the house.”

“Let’s get the sheets WET tonight.”

“You turn me on.”

“Reckon I can make you cum within a minute?”

“I wanna put my hands on your dick.”

“Touch my nipples.”

“Fuck me so hard that I scream.”

“I can still feel you inside me.” 

“Next time, don’t stop. Ever.”

“My only desire in life is to make you cum harder than you ever have before.”

“I’m cooking naked.” 

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