7 Best Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Apps & Sites

Dating online is truly challenging.

More than half of Americans state that dating is much more difficult than it was 10 years ago. And if this is what most straight singles say, imagine how difficult it must be for gay people.

The dating industry has invented apps that cater to almost any gender, religion, and sexual orientation but not all of them are worth the try.

Most of these new dating apps, and especially those dedicated to gay people, have a small user base which makes finding a partner a real struggle. 

But what about those searching for a gay sugar daddy to chat with?

Then, our niche gets smaller and smaller. You need to be careful because most of the apps touted in this small niche are scams and completely worthless. 

However, we’ve managed to find a few successful platforms that have a growing user base of gay sugar daddies.

Keep in mind that your success rates will be lower compared to traditional gay dating apps but they’re worth your time and effort.

Best Gay Sugar Daddy Dating Apps & Sites

1. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

If you’ve ever searched for apps that allowed you to have a secret affair, you must know that Ashley Madison is a site full of sugar daddies who are bored with their current partners or haven’t found their match, and are searching to have a good time with someone who matches their taste. 

Ashley Madison is not strictly popular for gay sugar daddy dating but the site has a large pool of members belonging to different sexual orientations, gay members included. Chances are that will find someone on this platform populated by over 70 million members

The platform is known to be used as a cheating dating site for unhappy spouses. That’s what makes it great for gay sugar dating. There are many married gay people who keep their true orientation hidden from their spouse and society so it makes sense for them to use a site like Ashely Madison to date someone who matches their needs. 

The site was affected by a data breach and that’s why they have strengthened their security measures now. This makes the chances of your profile being discovered quite insignificant. Also, if you’re a gay sugar baby, you can use the site for free. Gay sugar daddies are the ones who have to pay to send messages and start conversations with you. 

2. Seeking.com

Seeking’s vast audience of 40 million members spans over 130 countries. The site which was founded in 2006 (sometimes referred to as Seeking Arrangement) is known for matching sugar babies with sugar daddies from all around the world. And now as you can expect, the site is gaining popularity among the gay community, bringing gay sugar babies and gay sugar daddies together. 

The site has a notable percentage of members searching for gay sugar daddy relationships. The number of fake accounts is smaller compared to other sites, considering that there are over 40,000 photos exchanged between real members on a daily basis. 

Seeking is dedicated to sugar daddy relationships, making it one of the best sites for gay sugar dating. Every single member is searching for this kind of relationship and you don’t risk wasting your time with those who find these relationships offensive, as it might occur on other dating apps

Similar to Ashley Madison, sugar babies can use the essential features free of charge. This includes the ability to start conversations, change locations, and use some of the advanced filters. With over one million messages being sent back and forth between members, Seeking can be the ideal space to find your gay sugar daddy or to be one.

3. SugarDaddie.com


The best way to get the most out of any app’s experience is to become one of its first members. And SugarDaddie.com has the potential to blow up as a dating site dedicated to sugar daddy relationships. With 5 million members to date, the site is growing slowly with an authentic user base of real users. 

As the name suggests, SugarDaddie focuses on sugar dating, and it’s friendly to LGBTQ members. You can find plenty of gay sugar daddies searching for sugar babies. And the best part: you can be explicit about what you are searching for. 

SugarDaddie.com gives users the option to display clearly what kind of relationship they’re looking for whether it’s companionship, a stable relationship, or simply for sexual benefits. Being clear about your intentions saves you time and helps you meet the ideal sugar daddy even as a gay. 

On the other hand, if you’re a gay sugar daddy, you’ve got a high chance of finding a suitable sugar baby because over 70% of the users identify under this category. Don’t forget that the site is quite new yet and scammers haven’t laid their eyes on it. It’s the perfect time to create a profile and foster a mutually beneficial gay sugar relationship.

4. EliteSingles


Another site known for its large audience of rich men is EliteSingles. Even though it’s not geared specifically toward gay people, the site’s vast audience of over two million rich singles includes gay members searching for sugar-dating relationships. 

The premium dating site focuses on preserving its user base with wealthy and well-educated singles that join the platform to fulfill their desires, whether they include finding a serious partner or a sugar baby/daddy. 

The site’s in-depth questionnaire and verification procedures make it difficult for scammers to pass through, which makes it trustworthy. 

Since the site prioritizes educated people, you’re likely to find gay sugar daddies that truly understand your needs and know how to treat you. Most of the members are well-off and they don’t mind investing in a pleasurable relationship that benefits both parties. 

EliteSingles boasts itself as the source of 2,000 new relationships each month, with numbers going up and down. The site is strictly available in the world’s 20 richest countries which means that the chances of encountering a gay sugar daddy that can’t stand his promises are rare. 

5. Grindr


Our fifth suggestion, Grindr, is pretty well-known among the LGBTQ community as it’s one of the official sites dedicated to gay, bi, queer, and trans people. The site is widely used by those who are searching for serious relationships, friends with benefits, and even sugar dating. 

The rule of thumb you should follow with Grindr is to be straightforward about what you’re seeking since they’re a lot of competition, which makes it a numbers game. But the chances of finding a gay sugar daddy on the site are increasingly high compared to platforms that are not specific for gay people. 

If you’ve signed up on the platform but know how to find gay sugar daddies, head to the filters section of your search bar. There, you can search for characteristics that match your ideal sugar daddy. Things such as being over 40, and living in a rich area. Then, you can immediately start messaging members to see if they’re open to sugar dating

Now, the secret to achieving your goal of finding a wealthy sugar daddy boils down to fundamentals such as: curating your profile, uploading irresistible pictures, and writing a clear bio. Among the user base of over 12 million queer people, you’re likely to establish a sugar-dating relationship easily. 

6. Gay Millionaires Club

The Gay Millionaires Club is entirely different from all the sites we’ve described so far. Unlike traditional dating platforms where you have to spend hours browsing through members, the Gay Millionaires Club saves you hours and hours of dating. 

Gay Millionaires Club is a matchmaking service where gay millionaires from around the world pay big bucks (starting from $15,000/year) to find a match. Everyone can sign up to be enlisted for dating a gay millionaire but not everyone will find a date immediately. 

For gay sugar babies searching for gay sugar daddies, this is definitely the space to meet one. Even though your chances might be slimmer compared to other platforms, those who claim to be millionaires on this site, TRULY are. The majority of GMC’s clients claim to be millionaires, CEOs, attorneys, and decisions makers in important areas of life. 

The same advice goes for gay sugar daddies: this is a platform for serious gay millionaires who search for a relationship, be it sugaring or not. The money you’re paying goes to select only the profiles that match your character and requirements. 

7. DaddyHunt


If you make it to the end of this article, it means that you’re serious about gay sugar dating and this app is a gift to you. DaddyHunt is all about dating older men in the community. The primary focus is on helping you find a real gay daddy who is successful, fit, and intelligent. 

Coming with a website and app versions available on both iOS and Android, DaddyHunt is much more likely to revolutionize gay sugar dating forever. The community includes over 5 million members, and you can join at no cost. Surely, you can decide to pay for a subscription if you want to access the premium features. 

Premium members can browse ad-free in the app while keeping their age and distance private and enjoying the vast number of users in DaddyHunt’s database, together with the option to unsend messages. 

This is an ideal app for those searching to build a sugaring relationship with an older man who knows how to prioritize them. You can quickly exchange messages, pictures, and videos and get to know each other’s priorities and arrange a physical date.


In conclusion, finding the perfect gay sugar daddy or sugar baby is no longer a daunting task. With the variety of apps and sites we've explored, each offering unique features and a diverse user base, you're sure to find a platform that suits your needs. Whether you're seeking a serious relationship, companionship, or a mutually beneficial arrangement, these platforms cater to all. Remember, the key to successful online dating is being open, honest, and clear about your expectations. So, go ahead, explore these platforms, and embark on your journey to find the perfect match. Happy dating!

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