How To Hookup With a Cougar: (In 5 Simple Steps)

how to hookup with a cougar

Cougars are classy, experienced women who don’t play games. Therefore, they can be pretty tough to hookup with. If you want to hookup with a cougar, you MUST know what you’re doing.

Fortunately, many rules of dating once understood, will help you land pretty much any woman you want

It’s the same with hooking up with cougars. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you look like, as long as you do the right things you CAN hookup with a cougar.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to hook up with a cougar.

5 Simple Steps to Hookup with a Cougar

1. Sign-up For Cougar Dating Apps/Sites

When it comes to having cougar hookups, the first thing you should do is use cougar dating apps. There are lots to choose from and some work better than others.

The easy option seems to be Tinder. It’s free, it was originally created as a dating app for casual hookups and therefore still a lot of people use it for the same purpose. you can tweak your searches so that only cougars show up. 

The problem with using Tinder is that the cougar must tweak their age range in their settings so that you show up for them. And because most cougars possibly won’t look for men that are younger than 35, you might be wasting your time. This is because you can’t message anyone on Tinder until they’ve matched with you. 

A much better option is to use a dating app that doesn’t set restrictions on who you can message. POF, for example, allows you to search for anyone and everyone of any age range. And because you don’t have to match with a cougar before you can message them, it’s ideal for finding cougars. Plus, POF has a reputation for being great for hookups. 

You could also give OKCupid a go, too. It’s more of a long shot than POF but – like POF – it’s free to send messages. However, like Tinder, you can’t send messages to women until they’ve matched with you first. 

A third option is AdultFriendFinder. I’m a big fan of AFF, and there are thousands of cougars on this site who are ALL looking for hookups. It’s really easy to get chatting with older women! The only snag is that AFF is a premium dating app that requires a fee. 

Another option you’ve got is CougarLife which is – as you’ve probably guessed – aimed at cougars who are looking to date/hookup with younger men. Like AFF, though, you have to pay in order to send messages.

Whichever site you sign up to, I highly recommend that you make it known in your profile what you’re looking for. This will certainly help you land more dates on apps like Tinder and OkCupid. Be straight, be direct, and let the women know that a) you want a cougar and b) you want to hookup. 

2. Visit Nearby Martini Bars 

Away from dating apps, there are a few places in the real world where you can go to land a hook up with older women. Perhaps the most obvious of these is a martini bar. 

A martini bar is a sophisticated setting where mature men and women go at night. These places can be kind of expensive, but they’re super classy. They’re typically avoided by the younger crowd, which means you’ll have a wide array of older women to pick from. Plus, you might even be the youngest guy in there – which is great if you’re looking for a cougar! 

Because martini bars are classy and laidback, you’ll need to wear your smartest clothes. Wear your best shoes, dab yourself in cologne before heading out, and take a wingman along with you. 

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a martini bar in your local area. Just use Google to find one. All you need to search for is either a “martini bar near me” or a “wine bar near me.” 

3. Offer To Buy a Cougar and Her Friend a Drink 

When you make your initial approach to a cougar, don’t get caught up in too much small talk too quickly. The smartest thing to do is to introduce yourself (and your friend) before moving swiftly onto drinks. 

In other words, you’ll want to ask the cougar you’re talking to if she and her friend would like a drink. 

It’s really important, by the way, that you involve her friend in the conversation. If you ignore her friend, she’ll just think you’re really rude and you won’t have any luck. 

And if she says she doesn’t want a drink? Just move on to the next one. 

That said, you might be faced with a situation where the cougar is clearly into you but her friend is cock blocking you. This happens often – but don’t give up. Make your intentions known but don’t leave the friend out. If her friend feels as though the two of you are going to ignore her for the rest of the night, she will do what she can to stop you from talking to the cougar! So be polite and respectful to her and keep her on your side. Pay her a compliment, too. 

4. Go To a Club 

Clubs are great places to find hookups because you get to dance up close and personal with women on the dance floor while flaunting your sexual prowess. With sexy music pumping through their bodies and alcohol making them horny, cougars are hot and ready for you to come along and gyrate with them. 

If you go to a club with the intention of hooking up with a cougar, just make sure it’s a club that older women frequent. There are plenty of these in big cities, although from experience cougars tend to prefer Latino-inspired clubs. 

Once there, you need to show confidence, you need to be a willing dancer, and you need to be ready to flirt like a maniac on the dance floor. Whisper things in her ear, get up close to her, and – when the time is right – go in for the kiss. She needs to know as soon as possible what your intentions are.  

5. Whatever You Do … Don’t Mention Her Age 

There are, of course, things you should say to a cougar that you’re hoping to hook up with. But there are also things you shouldn’t say. 

And one thing you must NEVER do is mention her age. 

Cougars know how old they are. Some of them know they look good for their age! But they don’t need you to bring attention to it. If you do, you will instantly kill the attraction. 

See, whilst you might think you’re being nice by saying things like, “You look great for your age,” or “You literally have no wrinkles,” you’re not flattering her – you’re just annoying her. 

With the traditional method, finding a cougar to hook up with takes time, and you’ll need patience. Just make sure to be confident, to be direct, and – if you go to a martini bar – to be classy, smart, and flirty. We've also shared tips on dating older women, you should definitely learn a few tips from there.

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