100+ Sexting Messages For Her To Make Her Wet

Are you currently chatting with a new girl and want to escalate things? 

I know what you’re going through – it’s a delicate situation!

On one hand, you don’t want to get trapped in the friend zone. On the other hand, you don’t want to mess things up by sexting her wrongly and coming across as sleazy.

The good news is that I’m here to help.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the sexting messages examples for her that are guaranteed to increase the sexual tension between the two of you without ruining things.

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Sexting Messages For Her

sexting messages for her
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1. To be honest, I just really wanna hear you moaning right now.

2. That 🍑would look so much better with my handprints on it.

3. I just woke up and the first thing I wanted was you.

4. Wanna watch Netflix when I go down on you?

5. You’re so cute, let’s make out.

6. I wish I was there to suck you off.

7. I love to make you laugh and cum 💦.

8. Shit, you’re so mentally attractive.

9. We will have the best hookup ever.

10. ugh!! I wanna sleep with you so badly.

11. I will speak French between your legs.

12. Come sit on my face, you perfect angel.

13. You have got the best quantities, no cap.

14. Come let me grab your ass 🍑 and kiss your neck.

15. You’re fucking adorable…and adorably fuckable.

16. You’re my princess and baby girl but you’re also my dirty little slut.

17. You’re especially gorgeous when I look up from between your legs.

18. I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk.

19. I’m literally gonna be all over you when we meet.

20. I would like to give you the best orgasm of your life.

21. Don’t bother wearing panties when we are together.

22. I just want to cuddle with you all night and run my hand through your hair.

23. I swear to GOD, the minute we are alone together I’m gonna make you moan so hard.

24. You’re cute and I wanna do cute things with you like scratch your back and make you cum 💦 .

25. I miss your deepthroat babe.

26. You look so beautiful when you orgasm.

27. I moaned your name last night when I came.

28. Not gonna lie, your ✌️is so magical.

29. You’re so adorable I wanna put mine 🍆 in your mouth.

30. I feel like, if we cuddled it would instantly turn into other things.

31. Who cares if you don’t have a thigh gap and your thighs touch, I’m gonna separate for you anyways.

32. I bet you would moan my name beautifully.

33. I want to kiss you softly and then destroy you.

34. Let’s see how many times I can make you come.

35. You’ve been a bad girl, and you deserve a spanking.

36. Don’t you dare come until I say you can

37. You’re cute but you would look even cuter while moaning my name.

38. Baby, I want to get on my knees for you whether it’s eating you out or asking you to be my wife.

39. You look so good but imagine how good you would look with my fingers inside of you.

40. You look wonderful, lemme fuck you in front of a mirror.

41. Good Morning my anal princess 👸🏽.

42. Your thighs make me want to sin.

43. Your scent is beautiful and addicting.

44. I can’t wait to 💦 in your pretty little mouth.

45. I fantasize about loving you way too often.

46. You look so innocent and I know you’re not and that gets me weak AF!

47. I have got a question; do you want 🍆 inside your pussy or ass?

48. When you get home tonight I wanna F3K you so hard.

49. I wanna kiss you between your legs till your hips shake like tectonic plates. The

50. I wanna cuddle you, kiss you, and maybe F3K you.

The first 50 sexy text messages are over. Now, let's look at more sexting messages to send to your girlfriend.

51. I need to see you naked.

52. Let's get drunk 🍻 and F3K.

53. Lemme rub you through your cute little panties. I want to hear you whimper as I get you all heated up. baby girl.

54. F3k, your voice melts my goddamn heart!

55. I need a long bath and some good head.

56. Can I eat you tonight? I need to relieve my stress.

57. I want to throw you against the wall and then touch and kiss 💏 you everywhere gently.

58. You’re the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

59. I wish I could hold you all day long.

60. You look so sexy in the panties.

61. I want to feel your long nails in my hair.

62. My cock 🍆 feels so good between your legs.

63. I want you to undress and wait for me in the bedroom.

64. I always get what I want, and what I want right now is you.

65. It’s my turn to make the rules tonight.

66. Your pussy juices 💦 taste so good.

67. Last week you sucked the soul out of my cock 🍆.

68. I want to lick every inch of your hot & sizzling body.

69. No one has ever made me come as hard as you do.

70. You love being fucked like a naughty little girl, don’t you?

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Sexting Messages For Her in The Morning

71. I want to eat you for the breakfast 🥞.

72. I wish you were with me on the bed right now.

73. Had a dream about you last night. I'm all wet 💦.

74. Baby, come over. Let's have the hottest cold shower together.

75. Can you please take care of my morning wood?

76. I want to be inside of you before I go outside today.

77. I want to taste both lips right now.

78. I want to ride you slowly.

79. Oh baby!! why you're so sexy?

80. You give the best morning blowjobs.

Here's an example of a sext from our article sexting emojis combination: You are the 🍎 of my 👁️. I can't wait to 💏 you again and feel your 💖 beating next to mine. You make me feel like I'm 🏆 the 🌎 every time I'm with you. 🔥🔥🔥

Kinky & Dirty Sexting Messages for her

81. Touching your naked body makes me feel like the luckiest person alive.

82. I want to worship your gorgeous body

83. The soft skin of your thighs makes me go wild.

84. What are you wearing tonight for our sexy date?

85. I miss feeling your lips while you just lying naked!

86. I will be worshipping every inch of your body when you get naked.

87. It will be in heaven tonight when I will be deep inside you.

88. I can't stop thinking of our night long funs.

89. I'm very rock hard today, I will make your toes curl.

90. The only thing I care about is giving you the best sex of your life.

91. To spice things up, I've decided to try doing it on the kitchen table 👀

92. I love how your body feels against mine. I can't wait to hold you close again.

93. The way you move drives me crazy. I can't get enough of you.

94. I want to explore every inch of your body and make you feel amazing.

95. You make my heart race and my body ache. I want you so badly right now.

96. I love how you make me feel when we're together. You're the only one who can drive me wild like this.

97. I'm so grateful to have you in my life. You make every moment worth living.

98. “The way you look at me makes me feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world. I want to spend forever making you happy.

99. I love the way your body responds to mine. Every time we touch, it feels like electricity between us. I can't wait to explore more of that with you.

100. I can't stop thinking about you. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes on.

Sending these sexting messages to her can reignite the passion and attraction between you, especially if those feelings have faded over time. By expressing your love and desire for your partner in a respectful and consensual way, you can make them feel desired and appreciated, which can deepen your emotional connection. It's important to always respect your partner's boundaries and make sure you're both comfortable with any sexual expression. Open and honest communication is key to building a strong and fulfilling relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

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