12 Worst Tinder Profile Mistakes You’re Making

When people meet you in real life they take in all of you — your body language, looks and words. Online, you have photos and a few words.

That’s why, you need to make sure you communicate the right message. Otherwise, you can be a wonderful person and still end up with zero dates.

So, if you’re getting no matches on Tinder then it’s likely that you might be making a few common Tinder profile mistakes.

Here’s the 12 Common Tinder Profile Mistakes:

1. Too Many Selfies

Yeah, I know. Everyone does selfies. But everyone does not only do selfies. People take selfies with friends, or during epic moments of their lives.

That’s cool. People who take selfies all the time? Broken ego? No friends who can take photos of them?

2. Bathroom Selfies

stop tinder bathroom selfies
Avoid using bathroom selfies

Seriously. Is there an epic moment of your life you need to capture happening in your bathroom? No? Then why are you taking photos in there? Were you that impressed by your own face in the mirror, or the matching tiles in the background?

3. A Negative Outlook

I don’t do dishonest people.

I only want to date intelligent people.

If you have ten cats, I don’t think we’ll get along.

I get it. You don’t want a dishonest person in your life, you just had a date with someone who turned out to have an IQ that was less than your dog’s and you met a scary cat lady/man who had more cats than friends.

Sure. But Tinder isn’t about warning people off. It’s about inviting the right people in.

being too honest on tinder
A negative Outlook

“I love honesty and intellectual conversations. Total dog person. Have an ice cream obsession on sunny days. Can’t resist adventure. Like people who are sociable and enjoy dinner parties…and my cooking ;)”

Also, bear in mind that while sarcasm can be funny, using ONLY sarcasm can come across as pretty negative.

4. Berating Yourself

You don’t have to tell the world you suck at cooking. Maybe your ex wanted to date a cook and you think it’s best to state it up front. Fine. If so, say: “While I rock an apron in the kitchen, I can’t cook without the fire alarm going off. I’m proud at being excellent at choosing take-outs.” Suddenly you went from berating yourself, to selling yourself.

You might want to make a statement that you don’t like something, or are bad at something, but then do it in a way where you uplift something else. Always angle it from a positive point of view.

5. Impressive Pics That Don’t Impress

Your car is impressive. We get it. Posing by it is like saying you’re trying to compensate for something though. The same goes for standing by your massive mansion. Or, low and behold: a picture of your house, without you in the shot.

In fact, A recent survey has revealed the females are actually less attracted to men who flaunt their beloved motor, compared to those who don’t.

dont use cars in tinder profile
Weird flex, but okay!

If you have a need to show off your Porsche, or your Rolex…chances are people will avoid you on Tinder. You need to be comfortable in being who you are. Being comfortable means you’re confident without being cocky. Without the need to show off.

People are on Tinder to meet you, not your car, or your Prada designer bag.

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6. No Bio

Sure, Tinder is a lot about the pictures. Everyone wants to see what they are getting before they swipe right. But here’s the deal: text shows you care enough to type two lines. Text shows you’re a decent human being.

Based on numerous case-studies, adding bio significantly doubles your matches.

effectiveness of tinder bio

You don’t have that “face-to-face” moment where you feel whether you have chemistry or not. People try to determine that by looking at your photos and reading whatever profile text you’ve written. The more you manage to convince them that you’re a cool person, the more likely they are to swipe right.

You don’t need a lot of text. You just need a little bit to show who you are and that you care enough about finding a date that you take the time to write two, or more, sentences. If you want inside scoop then read the best tinder bios and profile hacks article.

7. A Boring Profile

My name is X. I’m 33. I like ice cream. I have a dog. I live in a house.” Yawn!

“I have a great career. I have good friends. I like staying in with a bottle of red, or going out with my friends. I am looking for a serious relationship.Yawn, again!

There is nothing wrong with the what those words describe. They apply to a huge amount of the population. They’re just totally uninteresting as they show very little about the person behind the words. There’s no personality. Whatsoever.

make your tinder profile interesting

“I love lazy Sundays, dancing on tables, bad stand-up comedy, Haagen-Dazs (I might share…if you’re nice…) and intellectual debates. I’m a decent cook, but prefer to bake cookies. I’d like to find someone for cozy cuddles, wicked adventures and marvelous moments.”

“Can’t decide if I prefer Pinkberry or Haagen-Dazs, but I definitively love tacos more than burritos, the ocean over the forest and wisdom over religion. I think Netflix binging in my PJs is as good as a night on town and I am in a dedicated relationship with my popcorn machine.”

“Love an intellectual battle, Star Wars, homemade pasta and Cards Against Humanity. Am a trained accountant and certified numbers whiz (proud nerd). Always up for a camping adventure and roasting marshmallows by the fire. I might even make you a s’mores. If you’re nice.”

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8. Blurry Pictures

Because it totally makes sense with pictures where no one can see you. Not. They’ll think you’re trying to hide some awful flaw, like purple hair growing out of your ears.

9. Extreme Close-Ups

There is no bigger turn-off almost than an extreme close-up where one can count the pores in your skin. It’s frightening already!

tinder closeups
Perfect example of Tinder selfies gone too far.

10. Hide and Seek Photos

People want to see you. That’s why they’re looking at your photos. If they can’t see you, they won’t swipe right.

Sunglasses in every shot. You’re so small in the picture one would need a magnifying glass to see you. Your first picture is a meme, or a sunset. No, people don’t swipe right on things that aren’t human. Chances are they won’t even bother to look on the second picture.

If you really feel like showing people a picture of a sunset, or a meme…well, then save it to the end. The last picture.

11. The Same Pictures Over and Over Again

As a picture can tell a thousand words, especially on a platform like Tinder, you have to choose pictures that show off your life. Not just one aspect.

Two close-ups of your face is great. We want to know what you really look like. We also want to see other things from your life. To get an idea what your life is like. If there’s a chance for chemistry. Having the same type of picture over and over again, doesn’t allow people to do that.

12. Not Enough Pictures

This is the same point as above: people try to gauge your personality by looking at your pictures. You need enough pictures to show off the different areas of your life. Only having pictures with your friends, or of your face, or of you and the dog, gives very little away.

As does only three pictures. We all know that pictures can lie. That’s why people want to see as many as possible to get a feel for who you are. Go for minimum 3 pictures — if you want more matches.

tinder pics statistics

People want to feel confident that the person they swipe right on is worth it. Worth the time investment to speak to. If you are ridiculously good looking, you might get away with having two great pictures. In most cases, it won’t work though.

People are trying to figure out if you’re interesting enough to have a drink with and if your pictures are a true representation of who you are. I.e. not all pictures are from the same angle and once they meet you and you turn your head, you look completely different.

Basically, use the pictures to show off your life. The good parts of it. The adventures you have, the friends you love hanging with, the hobbies you like, you in a good outfit looking hot, you having fun…

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