Uberhorny Review: (A Borderline Scam?)

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Uberhorny is a casual dating/hookup site aimed at those who want to get laid fast. It’s a paid site (although there’s a trial available), and more than 2,000,000 people currently use it. Signing up is free and easy, nudity is allowed, and the different types of users include those looking for hookups, orgies, dogging and even MILFs and grannies. 

In this Uberhorny review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this dating site to help you decide whether or not it’s the right one for you. Before we signed up to the site, we were already aware that there had been several user complaints about the number of fake profiles here, so we wanted to test how legit and useful Uberhorny really is. 

Read on to find out what we learned, including why we might recommend it – and why we might not. 

What Is Uberhorny? 


Uberhorny is a straight-up, no-frills hookup site that was launched in 2009. It’s predominantly used in English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, Australia and the UK, and it’s home to over 2 million members at the time of writing. Many of the users aren’t afraid of nudity, and to that end, you’ll find lots of very graphic profile pictures. 

You can search for other members, send private messages, and join in a group chat, and both singles and couples use the site. 

As well as a casual dating site that’s designed to help you get laid as soon as possible, Uberhorny doubles up as a cam site. Here, you can watch live cam girls strip off just for you in the comfort of your own home.

Pros of Uberhorny website

  • Straight-up hookup site
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use website 

Cons of Uberhorny website

  • Fake profiles 
  • Sometimes automatically upgrades your account

Why We Don’t Recommend Uberhorny?

On its face, Uberhorny seems to be a great place to meet people for sex without the usual drama that comes with dating sites like Tinder. Everyone is hungry for sex ASAP, and the simple format of the site makes it easy to contact anyone and everyone.

However …

What we learned when using the site and talking to other users is that Uberhorny is a borderline scam site. The alarm bells were ringing as soon as our profile went live, and we were directed to this page:

Questionable authencity of uberhorny

Any dating site that has to defend itself against accusations of creating fake accounts explicitly is surely hard to trust. Would you see something similar on sites like AdultFriendFinder? Absolutely not. 

Worse still, Uberhorny has to employ a team to actively seek out fake profiles and delete them, which tells you one thing: There are way too many fake profiles on this site.

Another cause for concern we had when we first signed up was that within minutes we were bombarded with notifications telling us that such-and-such a person wanted to ‘see more photos’ of ours.

What, already? 

When other users send you lots of messages within minutes of you creating an account, it tends to suggest that they are fakes.

At this point, however, we didn’t have enough reason to blame Uberhorny itself for the huge number of fake profiles. But as time went on and we talked to other users, it became apparent that Uberhorny automatically upgrades your account after the free trial is over without your say-so. That’s not cool, and, as is clear from several user complaints, it seems to happen often. 

As such, if you want a hookup site that won’t bombard you with fake profiles and which doesn’t automatically upgrade your account without warning, it might be a better idea to go with the more established adult website like AdultFriendFinder, which, among other things, comes with way more features and boasts millions more engaged users. 

Getting Started On Uberhorny

uberhorny signup

One of the things Uberhorny does well is the registration process. You’ll rarely find a dating site that’s as easy and quick as this one is to sign up to. All you have to do is specify what gender you are and your sexual preference before adding your location and a valid email address. And that’s it.

At this point, you don’t choose your username. Instead, Uberhorny chooses one for you. You then need to head over to your email inbox to activate your account by clicking the activation link. Once your email address has been verified, your profile is live, and you can now change your username to whatever you wish. 

uberhorny search filters

It’s also at this point that you can start adding photos and editing your profile. Again, there’s not too much to edit – just an ‘About Me’ and an ‘About You’ section, where you can choose to be as brief or as long-winded as you wish. You can also edit other filters, including your hair color, eye color, income and so on. 

Adding pics of changing anything to your profile isn’t mandatory, and there is no personality test to fill. For the best results on the site, however, we recommend that you spend some time working on your profile.

Uberhorny Profiles Quality 

To view other profiles, you must upgrade your account first or take advantage of the free trial. However, it’s possible to get a glimpse of each profile by looking at the search results:

uberhorny profiles glimpse

Naturally, such a glimpse doesn’t give you the full understanding of who the person is, and most people using UUberhorny take the time to add a few pics (many of which contain nudity), as well as a few lines about who they are and what they’re looking for.

As this is a hookup site, users generally don’t go into huge amounts of detail. However, you will still find that many of them have taken the time to specify their basic information, including their hair color, job status and so on. 

Making Contact On Uberhorny

Uberhorny website is slightly different from other premium hookup sites in that you can actually send messages for free. However, the catch is that you can’t reply to messages until you’ve upgraded your account.

match on uberhorny

Obviously, this means that it’s pretty much pointless contacting anyone until you’re a paying member because it’s a one-way conversation at best. You can, of course, make contact with people – but you can’t have a proper conversation or arrange to meet up. You can send winks and likes for free. But again, it’s all a tad pointless unless you upgrade.

Other than that, making contact is very easy. You can use the advanced search filters to find other members; then, you need to view their profile and shoot them a message if you like the look of them. 

It’s also worth mentioning that, as well as sending people direct messages; you can also comment on their status updates in your newsfeed as a way of attracting their attention.

Uberhorny Features 

Uberhorny has both free and premium features. In this section, we’ll be taking a look at both to help you decide whether it’s worth upgrading your account. 

  • Free Membership Features 

Send Messages – Free users can send messages. But the catch is that they can’t reply to any received messages. 

Send Winks and Likes – If you want to catch someone’s attention, but you’re not sure what to say in your opening message, you can send them a Wink or a Like to let them know you’re interested. 

Favorites – As a free member, you can create a list of favorites. This allows you to keep track of people you like the look of, but who you haven’t messaged just yet. 

Advanced Search Filters – Uberhorny’s search filters are pretty extensive, and you can take full advantage of them as a free member. 

Leave Comments – Uberhorny has a Trending Now page, and you can post and leave comments for free. 

  • Paid Membership Features 

Reply to Messages – It’s only as a premium member that you can have a proper conversation by sending and receiving messages. 

See Views – Wanna see who’s viewed you and who thus might be interested in you? This is something you can do as a fully paid-up member. 

View Profiles – Whilst you can send messages as a free member, you can’t view profiles until you upgrade.

Join Private Chats – There are public and private chats (video chats s well) on Uberhorny, which are great ways for meeting more people. 

Swipe Game – The Swipe Game is perhaps Uberhorny’s best special feature. It works a lot like Tinder and essentially improves your chances of meeting someone. 

Uberhorny Membership Price

uberhorny membership price

Uberhorny offers a 3-day trial which costs around $1 per day. That works out at just over $3 for three days, after which you’ll need to upgrade your account if you want to keep using the site. 

There are three payment plans available:

  • Gold 1 month – $35 per month
  • Gold 6 months – $12 per month
  • Gold 12 months – $7 per month

Is It Worth Paying For Uberhorny?

The 3-day trial helps you get used to Uberhorny so that you can better see if this is the right hookup site for you. However, as we mentioned earlier, there have been many users complaining that the site automatically upgrades their account after the three days are up. 

Compared to rivals, Uberhorny is averagely priced. We don’t think it’s worth paying for, but the 3-day trial is an option if you’re curious about this site. Just remember to cancel your trial before you get locked into a monthly contract. 

Uberhorny vs AdultFriendFinder

We tested out both Uberhorny and AdultFriendFinder to see what the difference between the two was. The major difference is that AFF has way more members. Indeed, it has more than 20 million active users worldwide, whereas Uberhorny has around 2 million. So naturally, this means your chances of landing a hookup are greater on AFF.

Moreover, while both sites allow nudity and graphic photos, AFF goes further in that it’s more than just a hookup site. It’s home to an entire community of singles and couples, as well as extra features, including adult movies, cam shows and educational material.

And while both dating websites have their fair share of fake profiles, AFF has a lot less, probably because it has so many real users. AFF is also more established and has been around for 20+ years. Therefore, in our opinion, it’s safer to use and more trustworthy. 

For more info read AdultFriendFinder review.

Privacy And Security 

Like many dating sites, Uberhorny is SSL-encrypted, which means you can be sure your personal data and banking information are safe.

So, is uberhorny safe?

The simple answer is NO. Like all dating services, you need to be on your guard against fake profiles and scammers. Because Uberhorny seemingly has more fake profiles than most dating sites, avoiding scammers altogether can be tricky. That said, they at least have a customer service team to who you can report any suspicious profiles to.

Real-Life Uberhorny Review 

I myself signed up to Uberhorny to find a hookup. The signup process was a breeze, and I liked the fact that I could send messages without having to upgrade my account. HOWEVER once I realised I couldn’t reply to messages just yet, I upgraded to the 3-day trial.

One of the things I appreciated about the site was how easy it is to use. You’re not overwhelmed by a million search filters (although there is an advanced search option), and it’s fairly easy to tick off what you’re looking for and start browsing profiles.

What distracted me was that I couldn’t go a minute on the site without someone sending me a message. Since this was happening all the time, I had to assume that they were all fake profiles. My activity centre soon became clogged with people wanting to meet me and asking to see more pics. Again, they all seemed fake.

Besides the high volume of fake profiles, Uberhorny felt like a decent (but not great) hookup site. There’s no doubt that there are some genuine uberhorny members on here who are looking for casual sex encounters, but finding them can be time consuming. That said, I did get chatting to a few uberhorny members, but my overall experience was so-so. 


How To Delete An Uberhorny Account? 

To delete your uberhorny account, you need to log into it and then head over to your profile pic at the top right of the screen. Click on it and then head to the “Account Settings” section. Here you will find an option called “Make My Profile Inactive.” 

Is Uberhorny Membership Auto-Renewed?

Yes, if you’re a paying member, your gold membership will be auto-renewed unless you cancel it first. 

How Do I Cancel My Uberhorny Premium Gold Membership?

To cancel your Uberhorny premium gold membership, you need to disable the “auto-renew” option. You will find this in your Account Settings. 

Does Uberhorny have a Mobile App?

No, uberhorny doesn't have a mobile app but there is site is usable on the phone.

Does Uberhorny Give Refunds For Unused Time? 

Uberhorny customer support team explicitly makes it clear that refunds aren’t available for any reason. T