OkCupid vs Tinder | Which One is better?

Staying single and loving yourself is okay, but hey, we all need a little romance every now and then! Since it's not high school sliding love letters into your crush's bag might sound insane. Also, all the attractive people around are mostly taken these days. 

Losing hope in love is a usual concept, but you can easily change things for yourself with the right tools. Moreover, with the variety of dating apps and websites, nobody dies single these days. With a wise dating app, you can easily find a kind and intelligent mate in no time.

OkCupid Vs Tinder

Quality of Matches

Although there are tons of dating apps available online, signing up over random apps might not help you get the real tea. But, on the other hand, trying an app where most people usually sign up would increase the chances for you to tango. Hence your romantic fantasies could just be a swipe away from you with the assistance of online dating apps.

Popular dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid with tons of love success stories can easily bring spring to your love life. The way both of these apps work is very different. Dating in Tinder depends on how you can portray yourself, whereas OkCupid makes matches according to your interest. Tinder suggests matches of profiles near you, but OkCupid suggests matches based on their interest.

OkCupid's Matchmaking Algorithm

OkCupid's matchmaking is mainly based on your interest. So you'll have to write sweet nothings about yourself, they don't have to be true, though, to get a match. 

The next steps of signing up after an introduction include writing about your hobbies and interests. These details about your interests are the main element of matchmaking. You can send an introductory pickup line to your matches, but the real conversations will start after you get a like back.

For self-explorers creating a catchy profile would be a no brainer here. With a well-developed OkCupid profile, you can easily find someone with a common interest. Therefore this app gives you a bit of an idea for striking amazing first conversations. Further, after getting a like back, you can use the profile info to get the upper hand in the chase.

Tinder's Swiping Algorithm

In Tinder, everything is all about the attraction at first sight. Here, if a person you liked likes you back, then you'll get a match. You can easily Sign up and upload some amazing photos along with a catchy quote, and you'll be all set. 

But turning flirt sessions into deep connections is something you'll have to do with your master skills. And with master skills, nobody means that you have to be real-life Christian Grey! Just be confident, friendly, and funny; trust me, that's all it takes.

Winner: It's a draw!

OkCupid and Tinder both are great, but they have different matchmaking styles. So whether you want to try OkCupid or Tinder, it comes down to the way of dating you prefer. But if you are from the queer tribe, then OkCupid is an amazing place to be as its LGBTQ friendly. However, if you just need a quick ice cream date, Tinder can help you better in that.

Upgrade Value

Although Tinder and OkCupid both of them are free to use, they provide subscription for their users as well. These subscriptions can give you a little upper hand in dating games by providing you with added extra features in your account.

Let's take a look at the subscriptions provided by both apps so that you can choose your matchmaker.

OkCupid Pricing

OkCupid's matchmaking process might look way too long. However, if you feel a little impatient, you can cheat here since it isn't an exam. You can get yourself a paid subscription here as well for getting just a few extra features than usual. Let's check out their paid options as well to decide whether you'll like to have one.

  • A-List: This is their most common paid option in OkCupid. In this, you'll get unlimited likes, an extra search option and an ad-free experience. Moreover, you'll also have the list of people who have liked you before you liking them. You can get this subscription for a month at $9.95 or $6.95/month for half a year.
  • Premium A-List: This subscription includes all the facilities of A list membership. Apart from it, your profile will also get a boost during peak timings. So, if you are restless and want to increase your chances of getting a match, trying this would aid your endeavour. To get a OkCupid premium membership, you'll have to pay just $24.9/month for one time membership. Moreover, you can choose to pay $19.9 each month for six months membership as well.

Tinder Pricing

Although Tinder's matchmaking process isn't that detailed, still getting a match can be hard in overcrowded cities. So if you need a quick match, then a bit of special help is necessary indeed. Therefore subscribing to one of Tinder's paid membership can be a great option for you. You can get the upper hand in the love game by choosing any of the subscription plans they offer:

  • Tinder PlusYou can easily increase your visibility by subscribing to Tinder Plus. If you have the upper hand but still keep the thrill of randomness alive, it's the best option to choose. At just $10 per month, You'll get unlimited swipes and even can super like at least 8 people each day. 
  • Tinder GoldFor safe gamers, Tinder offers tinder gold. At just $12 per month, you can get tinder gold. It already includes all the features of Tinder plus. Apart from it, you'll get info about people who have right-swiped you as well. Now ain't that the best way to ensure a date!

Tinder Plus Vs Gold Vs Platinum: Which One For You?

Winner: OkCupid

Tinder charges extra for people who are above 30. Age is just a number, so making discrimination based on someone's age is not cool. Moreover, OkCupid is a much more friendly place to be as you can find a person easily based on your sexual orientation, and they won't charge you extra because of your age.

Demographic Analysis

Before you signup for any dating app, you must know what you're looking for. These two dating apps' users have different mindsetsmindsets and priorities, so knowing what's best for you is a must. Check out the demographic analysis to choose your best pick:

OkCupid is for serious relationships

OkCupid makes your matches by comparing your interests with other users. The signup process is longer than usual here, but it's worth it. In OkCupid, you can rest assured that the people you and your match would have some common grounds. 

So, if you are looking for a long-term partner, this app can provide you with compatible matches. Moreover, you can rest assured that your OkCupid match can complement your personality in the long run.

Tinder is good for hookups

If you aren't in a rush to find a long-term mate and are just exploring strangers, then this is the app for you. Tinder doesn't create solid and analyzed matches like OkCupid; the suggestions here are completely random. This app was created in keeping the dating needs of the younger crowd in mind.

Tinder suggests matches based on your location, so if you need a quick and consensual hookup, its the perfect place to be. However, you can always build meaningful conversations here as well and create long term connections.

Winner: OkCupid

OkCupid has diverse users, and it can cater to the needs of a large variety of users. There's a match out there for everyone. Although it can be said for Tinder as well, they can judge you based on your age. 

2 Main Differences Between OkCupid & Tinder

Although OkCupid and Tinder work similarly, their features are a bit different from each other. So let's take a closer look at the features of both of these digital matchmakers: 

  • Sign Up: The Signup process for OkCupid and Tinder is a little different. Tinder requires you to upload a few catchy pictures and write a short self-introduction. Whereas in OkCupid, you'll have to fill up a detailed questionnaire about your preference for using the app.  
  • Matchmaking: The Matchmaking process of Tinder is focused on creating matches of the nearby user, but OkCupid creates matches based on interest.
  • First Take: In Tinder, it is necessary for the person to the right swipe you for start messaing. However, in OkCupid, you can send your match a great pickup line instantly after liking their profile.

Inside Scoop: Here's the complete guide to understanding How OkCupid Works.

OkCupid vs Tinder | Which is better For you?

OkCupid is better than Tinder If you're looking for a long-term relationship. OkCupid's matchmaking questions take a lot of information from you and then facilitate you with very quality matches. However, Tinder is better for people who are looking for hookups or casual dating. It's not that you can't find long-term relationships on Tinder, but it's just that you've to weed out a lot of unnecessary people, which can be very frustrating.

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