Best Tinder Openers She Can’t Resist (100% Working)

Do you want to know what are the best Tinder openers for starting a conversation on Tinder?

I bet, you do.

So let’s have a look at some Tinder opening messages that will get you…

More Tinder replies + more Tinder dates + more Tinder Hookups.

Some of these are creative, some are cheesy, and some are funny tinder openers. But, overall, all of these are the great Tinder openers that are super effective.

Speaking as a woman, I also know what openers for Tinder work…and what openers don’t. Regardless of one's gender, the basic Tinder rules remain the same though, so I’m sure you can pick up a tip or two from this article as well!

Best Tinder Openers

1. Play The Truth Or Dare Game

Truth Or Dare opener

Truth or Dare is a fun game that everyone has played at some point in their lives. We like it because it’s edgy and a bit dangerous.

And when you use “Truth or Dare?” in your opening message on Tinder, you’re eliciting their curiosity. 

After all, who doesn’t want to play Truth or Dare on a dating site with a total stranger? It taps into human psychology so well – namely, that of wanting to bond with someone. And nothing helps us bond better than a bit of Truth … or a dare

As you can see from the image below, you don’t actually have to get the girl to reveal her deepest, darkest secrets. That would be weird. Instead, you can use Truth or Dare to smoothly get her Snapchat.

2. Compliment Her Interests

If your Tinder opener is “You’re hot,” chances are she will leave the conversation.


  • They’re only interested in my looks. They didn’t say “you’re hot” and then continued with something else. They just mentioned my looks.
  • It’s too much, too soon. I don’t know this guy. It feels too personal to tell me I’m hot. It’s like the creeps who walk up to you in the street and tell you, you’re hot while simultaneously invading your personal space.

If, on the other hand, someone compliments my interests, I’m instantly prone to reply to them.

complement her in Tinder screenshot


  • It shows he cared enough to read my Tinder bio or look at the pictures properly. He’s not here to waste my time, he has a genuine interest in getting to know me.
  • It gives me something to talk about. It leads to a conversation. Chances are, I can speak to this guy because he knows how to have a conversation with people.


Hello, fellow chocoholic! So, tell me: what’s the best chocolate ever? (This is clearly a deal-breaker by the way. If you have poor taste, I’m not sure we’ll get along… ;))

You like wine! So do I 🙂 So come on, impress me: tell me about your favorite wine!

I see you like horses. Very cool. Are you a kick ass rodeo girl, or more the kind who rides bareback through the woods like a woodland spirit? 🙂

3. Send The Dad Jokes 

Dad Jokes in Tinder screenshot

Dad jokes are lame, terrible – but girls absolutely love them! 

This one in the pic below is a classic dad joke. In this particular example, the girl said in her profile that she “loves dad jokes.” You’ll see this often – for whatever reason, girls are a sucker for the kind of rubbish joke your dad would tell at a party. You might not think they’re that funny, but she’ll giggle endlessly. They’re so bad they’re good! 

So try opening with a dad joke now and then and see where it gets you. Chances are she’ll think your cute enough to talk to. Here are a few more you could try: 

“What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurty-y.” 

“A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, ‘sorry, we don’t serve food here.” 

4. Use The “Bot Check ” Opener

bot check opener in Tinder screenshot

Wanna know a really witty way to get a girl to reply to you? Challenge her to prove she isn’t a bot!

It doesn’t really matter what you ask her to say exactly but the more random it is, the better.


I’ve been burned by SO many bots on here recently so please can you type your number out so that I know you’re genuine and real? Honestly, it’s the ONLY way I can verify you’re real because a bot wouldn’t know your number.” 

5. Let's be illiterate Together

Normally, no one likes an illiterate guy, especially on dating apps. But when you’re playing The Goofy Illiterate Man, you’ll have the women eating out of the palm of your hand. 

The thing with this opener is that you cannot go wrong whatever you say. 

It works like this: 

You open by saying “Let’s be illiterate together!” or a variation of this (such as – “wanna be illiterate together?”). 

If they encourage you by saying something like “sure!” you then say: “I’m sorry, I don’t know what that means.”

It’s hilarious, it’s charming and it works every damn time. Try it! 

6. If I Win, You Owe me a Date

challaege for a date in Tinder screenshot

If she has something that can be interpreted as a challenge in her bio — challenge her on it.

Say she says: “Total computer nerd, with a love of great wine and even greater cooking. I have been known to do crazy adventurous things. Have a sincere love of killer heels and flip-flops respectively. If we race up a mountain, I bet I’ll win. I’m a wickedly fast runner ;)”


Clearly you haven’t met your match yet. I’d totally win the race. Or at the very least: we’d hit the finish line even 😉

You can also challenge a simple statement, such as: “Love ice cream. Won’t share. Ever.

I bet, I can make you share that ice cream…I can be very convincing…

It’s playful. It’s challenging. And it will probably lead to a pillow fight, or seductive kisses, over the ice cream one day.

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7. Hey AB, wanna C my D?

name pun in Tinder screenshot

Have fun with being cheesy Tinder opener — just make it clear you don’t take yourself too seriously and think you’re some master punster. If she says she doesn’t use Tinder for hookups, you can say:


It’s such a shame you don’t like night stands. I’m great with making furniture 😉 I can even make you two night stands and a table…if you’re nice… ;p

Always make sure it relates to her profile though. It has to be linked to her. Not some random pun. Then again, if it’s a GIF, you can get random.

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8. Use This “Pet/Animal” Hack

talk about dog in Tinder screenshot

If they have a pic with an animal, it probably means they really like that animal. So if you show an interest, you’re immediately getting a point, or two.


I’m jealous of that dog of yours. He looks like he’s got some serious cuddling skills. Think he’ll teach me a trick, or two? 😉

That horse of yours has some serious attitude. I like it. What’s his/her name?

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9. Talk about Food

If she happens to mention she likes spicy food it will make up for a great Tinder opener.

talk about food in Tinder screenshot


It’s all about the tabasco! (And sometimes the sriracha…)

So, tell me: tabasco, sriracha sauce, or chipotle peppers? What kind of hot do you prefer? 😉

If she mentions she has a sweet tooth on the other hand:

Hello sweet tooth! So, what’s your favorite sweet of choice? Chocolate truffles, pastries, or ice cream?

If she loves to cook:

Great cook huh….so tell me, what would you cook me if you’re trying to impress me? 😉

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10. Comment on a Location Where She’s Been

Does she have a picture by a stunning beach? It will make up for a good opener.

Comment on a Location Where She’s Been in Tinder screenshot


I need it to work out between us because you have to show me where the epic beach in your pictures is…

The food in that restaurant in your pictures looks epic. I think you’ll have to take me there 😉

“I need it to work out between us because I can tell you know how to get tickets to Burning Man and I’ve never been… ;)”

“You mention you love Rome. Great. I’ve never been to. So when do we start packing? ;)”

11. Get Straight to the Point

If you have a good profile, so she can see you aren’t a total nitwit, then cut to the chase.

get straight to the point in Tinder screenshot


You love cocktails. I know a place. Tell me the time and the date, and we’ll make a plan 😉

You love spicy food. I know one of the best places in town. Tell me a time and a date and I’ll make a reservation 😉

12. If She’s Looking for a Partner in Crime

This is actually a really good one to spin off on. You can move onto things like “the perfect crime” and plan a heist together.

ask her if she is down in Tinder screenshot


I’m a master criminal. I only partner up with the best. What’s your crime specialty?

13. The Cheesy Opener

the cheesy tinder opener screenshot

If she has a shot wearing a fake mustache, a massive hat, a masquerade outfit…


Next time there’s a masquerade, I’ll be the Clark Kent to your Louis Lane…” (If that’s what she is in the photo, obviously.)

Love the hat. We must have a hat party. I call dibs on the sombrero.

That mustache is so epic my Movember one seems totally inferior in comparison…

Anyone who can appreciate a good masquerade party is a friend of mine. Who do you plan to go as next time?

14. Make a Light Name Joke

Real Name Jokes

The thing with making a joke out of someone’s real name on Tinder is that you have to be REALLY careful not to actually offend them. Otherwise, they for sure won’t reply. Or, if they do, it won’t be a positive reply.

Check out the image above to see how this guy did it.

It’s funny because of the connotations of Isis. Instead of

a) avoiding the fact that this girl is called Isis (come on, it’s the elephant in the room and she’d think it weird if you DIDN’T mention her name)


b) getting all dark and serious by asking something like ‘is it hard having a name like Isis?’,

the dude instead makes a joke and in turn, keeps everything light. It works a charm. 

15. If Her Name Is Part of a Song

My name is Maria. Do you know how many songs there are about me?


If a guy started a conversation with: “She reminds me of a West Side Story…” or “I just met a girl named Maria!” I’d probably melt though.

Likewise, if she’s from California, living in NY, but says she misses the California sunshine, starting with:

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…” might work. It might also tank. Depends if she likes The Eagles.

Obviously, it needs to be a popular song. Just because I, personally, happen to know almost every line to Meet Virgina, I’m not sure the Virginias know it…so “She only drinks coffee at midnight…” might not be a great way to start a conversation with a Virginia.

I, on the other hand, would have replied: “When the moment is not right…”

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16. If you meet a Virginia from West Virginia

17. Being Unique

Being unique is always one of the best Tinder openers because it sets you apart.

unique opener in Tinder screenshot

18. Send Festive One-Liner Openers

christmas opener in Tinder screenshot

Okay, it’s not always Christmas. But when it IS Christmas, nothing grabs a girl's attention better than a festive one-liner. Like this: 

This is cute because it’s seasonal and funny. It’s not amazing but it’s in keeping with the festive season so gets massive brownie points instantly. 

Here are some more festive openers:

“Are you Christmas because I wanna marry you.” 

“Black ice isn’t the only thing I’m falling for, goddamn.” 

“Call me Rudolph because you just sleighed me!” 

“Do you live in an igloo? Because you seem like a pretty cool person.” 

“Even Santa doesn’t make candy as sweet as you.” 

“Can I take you out on a first date in this snow? I wanna show you I’m not a flake-y person.” 

Some of these are super duper cheesy but you’ll be amazed at how well they work at Christmas!