13+ Best Tinder Hacks To Get More Likes Today

Swiping right on Tinder isn’t getting you any dates?

Then, it must be time to revise your Tinder strategy.

As with any platform, Tinder has its own list of hacks you should master to get the most out of it. Through this article, we’re going to touch on fourteen of these strategies and leave you practical tips. 

As the statistics indicate, success on Tinder is a numbers game.

Around 57% of conversations end after just one message, so don’t be surprised if not all of your matches turn into dates. It’s normal. Now, have a look at these strategies and improve your Tinder game instantly. 

Tinder Hacks To Get More Likes & Matches

1. Be Active On The App (Try To Log In Daily)

The elephant in the room: stay more on the app. It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t get responses after spending hours swiping. But being consistent pays off in Tinder as well. So, don’t lose your motivation. 

To boost your chances of getting more matches, it’s essential that you swipe during the right periods of time when users are swiping.

And according to experts, that time is around 6:30 PM. You can experiment with timeframes until you get better results, but it’s best to keep this time in mind. 

2. Add Spotify Music That Matches With Your Personality

Music connects us. If you’ve ever been to concerts or simply watched one of them, you’d agree that music moves people. Your Tinder profile gives you all the options to use music in your favor.

Here are a few things you can do: 

  • Use your tune as a filter. Pick a song that represents your tastes in the type of women you want to attract. Songs help you filter the right women in your inbox. 
  • Use your Anthem to express your personality. Which song represents your personality? It doesn’t have to be your favorite one, it just has to represent you. For instance, if you like dancing, pick a dancing song. 
  • Pick a song to seduce that one special lady. If you’ve seen a profile that left you with a savory taste in your mouth, music can increase the chances of matching her. Use the same song she’s put in her profile, but do so only if it’s close to your tastes. Don’t fake it completely. 

3. Swipe Left Sometimes

We’re all different, and we have unique tastes. We don’t like everyone, and not everyone likes us. Don’t act as if this isn’t true when you’re swiping.

Avoid swiping right on people you know aren’t a match. Out of desperation to get more dates, you’ll end up chatting with the wrong person, and wasting your swipes. 

Keep high standards.

The algorithm also understands that if you’re selective with your choices, it will keep presenting decent options. But if you’re not selective, it’ll suggest you all kinds of profiles. Therefore, keep it clean and thumb slowly through the options. 

4. Sending Messages To People You Match With

You’re halfway to more dates when you’ve matched with someone. But wait, don’t book a table yet. Getting the conversation started with the right steam is essential. Otherwise, you might waste a match and the fish gets back into the water before you know it. 

Pick the right approach to craft winning Tinder first messages.

The first rule of thumb is personalization. You would want to scan her profile for details that stand out and use them in your first message. Write a punchy and lighthearted opener that matches your personality, and then forget about it. 

5. Responding To The Messages You Get

New message?! Exciting!

But be careful because you might ruin your chances if you start with a bland message that resonates with neediness. Respond with creativity and confidence, but never too late or too soon after matching. There are a dozen tips for you to follow but here are a few basics: 

It’s important not to rush when you send your responses, and stick to your style of talking when reply. Responding with catchy phrases you’ve read somewhere just to sound smart will lead to awkward conversations. You’ll find it hard to maintain the same tone of voice in your messages.  

6. Use Tinder Super-Like

The Super-Like feature is there for a reason: to help you show a potential match you’re really into them. Since you have to pay for the feature (if you want more than one included in the free plan), you’re spending money to show them your interest.

But when to use the feature?

If you use it randomly, you’ll waste your Super Likes fast and get little to no results.

Paid users can get up to five Super Likes per day, which is still a limited number so you have to use them wisely. To maximize the potential of your Super Likes, use them with profiles that are highly compatible with yours. They’ll receive a notification that you used the Super Like feature for their profile, which shows your profile with a blue star among their matches. 

7. Activate Smart Photos

Smart Photos is a powerful feature to maximize the attractiveness of your profile.

By activating it, you allow Tinder to select the best-performing picture as the first photo to show. It does this by testing all of your uploaded photos and selecting the one that receives the most swipes.  

Most users though, are biased about the use of Smart Photos because members looking at your profile are likely to swipe right or left on your left picture, not the first.

However, a first photo that gets users to scroll through your photos remains a good choice as the top photo. 

The feature is supposed to increase your matches, but you don’t have to rely on other users’ claims. Test it yourself by turning it on and off and see how the number of matches changes. But work on the photos you upload. Smart Photos can’t pick a winning pic if none of them are interesting. (But we’ll talk about taking awesome shots down below.)

8. Add An Icebreaker In Your Tinder Bio

Someone finally matches with you but have you mentioned interesting details in your profile that are entertaining and nudge them toward sending a first message?

Insert a prompt or icebreaker in your Tinder bio to make it easier for them to approach you and send a first message. 

Platforms like Bumble rely heavily on prompts to encourage members to chat with each other. On Tinder, you can also make use of them in your bio. An icebreaker makes it a breeze for your matches to start conversations.

So don’t hesitate to add an icebreaker that goes along these lines: 

  • “What's your favorite travel destination? I can talk all day about mine!”
  • “Share your favorite book with me and I’ll give you five suggestions you’ll love.”
  • “Tell me your funniest dark joke, and you shall have my heart.”

9. Try The “Golden Switch”

Hey! You there?!

Listen, I’ve got a little hack for you that only a few people on the internet know to help you get more matches. The trick isn’t recommended by official sources because it’s a bit unethical and it might get your account banned, so keep these in mind if you try it.

Created by the famous YouTuber, David Bond, who is well-known for his dating advice, and other musings on life, the Golden Switch tricks users to match with you. The technique we’re talking about is pretty simple: 

  1. You create a new Tinder account with pics of an attractive model. 
  2. Use the Boost feature to get your profile seen (new users get Tinder Gold with the Boost feature for free). 
  3. Wait until you get hundreds of matches. 
  4. Now add your pictures and bio, and start replying to matches. 

Now, enjoy all of these date opportunities for free in your inbox. Even though this technique isn’t endorsed by official sources, people are mentioning it all over the web, so it’s worth knowing. 

10. Get A Glimpse Of Your Likes Without Paying For The Premium

Technology is often a big piece of Swiss cheese. There are a lot of holes in it. And with a few instructions you can make use of these holes and uncover the face of the users who liked you, without upgrading to Tinder Premium. 

The technique doesn’t harm anyone, and even Tinder shouldn’t worry about it because after using it you might want to upgrade (even though you don’t have to). For it to work you need to open Tinder on Google Chrome.


  1. Go to Google Chrome browser on your PC and open Tinder.  
  2. Go to the blurred list of profiles who have liked you. 
  3. Hit right-click on one of the profiles. 
  4. Select “Inspect” from the menu that shows. 
  5. Lines of code will show on the right side of the screen, and you have to right-click on the image again and select “Inspect”
  6. Now, on the right, you’ll notice that the highlighted code includes the word “blur”
  7. Delete the word “blur”, and hit enter. 

After following these steps you’ll see the other person’s profile picture and their name. Even though profiles aren’t clickable, you’ve obtained paid information for free, and you can decide if it’s worth upgrading to see more.

11. Pick Top-Quality Photos That Highlight Different Sides Of You

Looks are often crucial before someone decides whether to read your bio and then swipe left/right on your profile. So it makes sense for you to spend time curating your Tinder gallery.

Remember, it’s all a numbers game, and the more winning pics you have, the higher the chances for right swipes. 

Get them to know your personality by uploading pictures that show different characteristics of you. If you’re a nature lover, don’t forget outdoor pictures.

If you’re a bookworm, why hide it?

If you’re passionate about painting, drawing, or another art type, show it. It’s part of you. 

12. Link Your Other Social Media Accounts

“Are you even real?” It sounds funny but with so many scammers online, people will ponder this question when they go over your profile.

And the best way to boost your trustworthiness and show them you’re a real person behind the screen is by adding your social media accounts to Tinder. 

The algorithm won’t reward you for doing so directly, but when you’ll appear more credible in the eyes of potential matches and score more right swipes. Snapchat, Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook are the sites you can add.

After linking them, not only will your profile appear credible but users will have more ways to understand you as a person and keep track of you.

13. Use a Variety Of Tinder Photos To Make A Good First Impression

Psychologists conclude that in less than a tenth of a second others have formed an impression about us by looking at our faces. It takes one wrong picture for someone to have a bad first impression of you. But it also takes only one good picture for them to be impressed for good. 

While keeping high quality in mind, you should focus on selecting photos that showcase different sides of you. Here are some tips: 

  • Keep a vertical format, and use a device with high resolution. 
  • Crop objects, people, or landscapes so the focus is on you. 
  • Show yourself from different angles and don’t forget a full-body picture which presents a better idea of who you are.
  • Add thought-provoking pictures, group photos, and mysterious shots so you arouse curiosity in users.

Mix up the type of photos you put on Tinder. Don’t use only group photos or only headshots. Let them see you from multiple perspectives.

14. Reach Out To Her First

You’d be surprised to know how many opportunities are left on the table when you look at the statistics. Especially for men. Even though men might be pessimistic because they think women get a ton of matches lined up to chat with them, the truth is different. 

Marketer, and dating platforms enthusiast, Cammi Pham, once got 2,015 matches in 17 hours and discovered that only 25-30% of the guys initiate contact. Over 70% of her matches vanished in thin air and didn’t bother to message.

So never miss a chance.

Be the one to reach first to that one gorgeous person you matched with and ignore all your doubts. 

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