Best Tinder Hacks That Actually Work

Not surprisingly, there’s a disproportionate number of dudes on Tinder, which can make it harder for the male members of our species to get a right swipe on this online dating app. (Sniffle).

That’s why you need to try these Tinder hacks to increase your chances to get more right-swipes and more dates.

There’s no reason why girls can’t use these too, though, if they want to get more matches or just higher quality matches.

These hacks are the best ways to get more matches on Tinder.

Generally speaking, there are two types of Tinder hacks:

  • Strategies to improve your own Tinder profile.
  • Strategies to manipulate the Tinder algorithm.

In this article, I will cover both the tricks so you can reap the maximum benefits.

10 Tinder Hacks That Actually Work

1. Use the right photo(s).

No Tinder hack can replace the simple act of using the right pic on Tinder. It may not be right; it may not be fair, but it is true—looks matter on Tinder (and IRL for that matter). There’s just no getting around it. Use a picture that shows you at your best and ditch the hat and sunglasses.

2. Use the app regularly.

This may sound like the most obvious Tinder trick of all time, but it’s actually legit. Tinder says the more you use the app, the more your profile is shown to other active members. It’s a fool-proof way of getting more exposure and hopefully, more matches.

From the folks at Tinder:

We prioritize potential matches who are active, and active at the same time. We don’t want to waste your time showing you profiles of inactive users. We want you chatting and meeting IRL. And there’s nothing better than matching and immediately striking up a conversation. Using the app helps you be more front and center, see more profiles and make more matches. This is the most important part of our algorithm — and it’s totally in your control.

3. Message Her First

first message on tinder
Credit: r/Tinder

Confidence is sexy, so go get you some. In fact, get enough of it to message your match first. It’s sad that so many matches senselessly die from inactivity.

If you’re sitting around waiting on her to message you first, then you’re part of the problem. Be the solution instead, and send her a message already. What are you waiting for?

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4. Be Funny

If you’re trying to come off suave on Tinder, give it up already. Take off your bowtie, turn down the classical music and grab a beer because it’s time to get a little more casual.

Taking yourself too seriously can be poison to your likeability on this dating app. Humor is the anecdote. Go funny or go home.

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5. Like More Facebook Pages

Take a minute to log in to your Facebook account and like all of your favorite movies, books, celebrities, and bands.


Because Tinder shows your potential matches which FB pages you’ve liked. And this could be a good starting point for some future conversations between you and your next girl/boyfriend.

Remember, finding a shared interest is a good way to start instantly bonding when you meet a new person. This works online and off btw!

6. Strike a swipe balance

The Tinder algorithm doesn’t like it when you swipe right too much or not enough. It rewards you for striking a nice balance.

If you swipe right on every profile, your own desirability score will decrease and you’ll get less exposure. If you’re too picky, you won’t be shown as many potential matches. Try to strike a balance.

7. Use Tinder Super-like

Tinder gives you one free SuperLike a day, but some people believe using this feature on the dating app will make you look desperate. This may or may not be true.

What we do know about SuperLikes though is that they have an effect on Tinder’s algorithm.

When you use a Tinder Super Like, your profile gets pushed to the top of the deck, at least for the person you SuperLiked. If that person likes you back, then your score improves. Whoop!

8. Activate Smart Photos

smart Tinder photos

Tinder claims using the Smart Photos feature can increase your matches on the app by 12%.

Smart Photos is a new Tinder feature that keeps track of your most popular photos on and shows them to new matches first. It also puts your remaining photos in order of popularity. Using the feature will cost you nothing and could make the difference between a right and left swipe, so why not give it a go?

9. Ask Her original questions

By asking your match original questions, you’re essentially doing two things: keeping her attention (that’s the “original” part) and prompting her to respond back (the question part).

As we mentioned earlier, so many Tinder matches die because the conversation never gets started or falls flat.

Don’t let this happen—get curious, and ask some fun questions to get to know your match better. Make sure these queries have substance. Forget “What’s up?” or “How was your day?” You might as well ask her how to spell BORING!

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10. Ask her on a proper date

And by proper date, I don’t mean wine and dine her. Guys, pay attention. It’s the 21st century, and dating has changed fairly drastically. Asking a girl out via a dating app requires that you do two things: keep it public and keep it short.

Girls these days are worried about both their safety and their sanity when accepting dates from online suitors. She doesn’t want to get kidnapped, nor does she want to die of boredom on a seemingly endless date.

If you do match with someone you can carry on a conversation with, remember these two things when taking things to the next level.