6 Types of Funny Tinder Bios to Try Today (With Screenshots!)

According to some statistics, there are over 50 million users on Tinder. That’s a lot of fish swimming around looking for a hook (up). In order to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to need to strategize. The first thing you need to know is that on Tinder, your profile is everything. And since the bio is a very important part of your profile, then it’s a no-brainer that it needs to be good. Really good.

Why It’s Important to Be Funny on Tinder:

If you’re looking to meet your match on Tinder, then the latter is what you need to be most concerned about. You can always work on your comedic strategy for your first meet-up later.

Right now, let’s get you a date. Here’s why it’s important to be funny on Tinder (at least in your bio):

Girls (And Guys) on Tinder Just Wanna Have Fun

There are a lot of different reasons people use online dating apps like Tinder. Obviously, many guys and gals are just looking to hook up on Tinder. Some are truly trying to find a match made in heaven. And a small percent of Tinder users simply have nothing better to do than swipe aimlessly through profile after profile.

There’s one thing all of these motivators have in common though: they’re meant to be fun.

Humor Wins the Day on Dating Apps

It’s hard to have fun without laughing. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Humor is a big part of letting your hair down and having a good time. That’s why being funny is so important on Tinder. Well, that and the fact that there’s nothing worse than a boring date, am I right?

Tinder gives users a lot of opportunities to flex their wit from pick up lines to first messages, but the bio may be the most important opportunity of all to get your potential match chuckling. After all, it’s their very first look into what it would be like to interact with you. Make it worth their while!


Let’s face it—being on an online dating app can be brutal sometimes. If you’re not making any matches or you’re getting turned down for dates left and right, then it can be a giant punch in the gut, not to mention a big blow to the ego.

That’s why it’s crucial not to take yourself too seriously on dating apps like Tinder. Creating a funny bio can be a good first step towards keeping things light and staving off the pressure. You want your prospective match to think you’re funny, but most importantly, you need to be able to laugh at yourself!

Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Here’s The Funniest Tinder Bios of All-Time:

Funny Tinder Bio Type #1: Downplay Your Accomplishments

Even if you’re super successful, downplaying your accomplishments on Tinder can be a funny way to break the ice and make yourself more approachable.

Also, mentioning an accomplishment of any kind—no matter how small—opens up the potential for you and a match to find a common interest or talent. Science says that finding a commonality helps two people form bonds.

But if nothing else, it gives you something to chat about long enough to hold a decent conversation—which on Tinder can be an accomplishment all of its own!

Funny Tinder Bio example 1

For instance, what if this guy’s match really likes the game of Kahoot?

Maybe she’s won a game or two of her own! 😉 It’s a silly thing to have in common, but trust me, it’s better than nothing. And it could be the start of a light-hearted conversation that could spark something more serious down the line.

Funny Tinder Bio Type #2: Humble Brag

If you can find a humorous way to brag about your best qualities, then you’re golden on Tinder! No one likes a narcissist, but tooting your own horn is a little more acceptable if you go about it the right way.

For example, this dude cleverly boasts about being tall while making fun of girls who care about height—joke’s on you, girlfriend!

Funny Tinder Bio example 2

And who doesn’t like a tall dude? For real.

The Funny Tinder Bio Type #3: The Corny Pick-Up Line

If you’ve got nothing else to work with, you can always get straight to the point and use a corny pick-up line in your Tinder bio. I mean, what’s stopping you aside from your own dignity and self-respect?

Funny Tinder Bio example 3

If you’re going to use this tactic, though, the rest of your profile needs to be on point (Read: You better be hot!).

Funny Tinder Bio Type #4: Embrace Self-Deprecation

If you can embrace self-deprecation, you’ll have mastered the art of laughing at yourself. And as a result, others will laugh at you too. In a good way.

Our buddy Pearce (below) has definitely learned to self-deprecate, and he knocks it all the way out of the park with his funny Tinder bio.

Funny Tinder Bio example 4

Lucky for Pearce, there’s plenty of girls out there who prefer a laid-back guy with a dad bod over an uptight jerk with abs. There, I said it.

Funny Tinder Bio Type #5: Own Overconfidence

If you just can’t bring yourself to stoop to the level of self-deprecation on Tinder, then try swinging things in the opposite direction. Be overconfident—like, over the top arrogant. Trust me, it’s funny. And if you don’t believe me, just take it from Jared:

Funny Tinder Bio example 5

The less impressive the thing is that you’re over confident about (i.e. juggling, doing backflips, and winning over your mom’s affections), the funnier your bio will be. That’s the irony. Get it? Right.

Funny Tinder Bio Type #6: Pun It Up!

Puns are sure bets when it comes to using humor on Tinder. Even bad puns go over well, so you really can’t go wrong with this kind of bio. It turns out that when it comes to puns, the extra cheesy ones are so bad, they’re actually funny.

If you can get an eye roll from a potential match, then you’re in there like swim wear, so to speak.

This girl Imani manages to score a Tinder trifecta by using a pun, a food reference, and a humble brag all at once. Check it out:

Funny Tinder Bio example 6

There’s even the hint of a little something sexual here. Tantalizing, isn’t it. Anyone else feeling hungry?

Try A Funny Tinder Bio or Three

Most of the funny Tinder bios we’ve listed here can be used by anyone. You’ll likely identify with a couple that seem more your speed, so give those a whirl first. If you’re not getting the results you want, you may need to step outside of your comfort zone and try something that’s a little bolder than you would normally go for.

When giving these funny Tinder bios a go, don’t shy away from a little experimentation, either. If you try one type for instance, and you’re not getting a lot of matches, go back and edit it. Then, try another on for size. It’s that simple. Seriously, you should never underestimate the power of good old fashioned trial and error.

Most importantly, have fun with it. That’s what Tinder is for, right?



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