How Does Tinder Work? (+Tinder Algorithm Tips)

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Do you wanna know how does Tinder work so that you can get potentially more Tinder Dates?

I bet, you.

Tinder’s algorithm is secret. Duh. But there are things they have told the world about it, that makes it easier to understand a little bit about how Tinder works. It also gives some clues to some big no-nos if you want to stay on top of your Tinder game.

It may seem like online dating is a numbers game or a game of chance. It’s all serendipity. Only, it’s not. There’s an algorithm. And you need to crack it.

Considering that you know how Tinder work, we will teach you how to use Tinder effectively by optimizing your profile for the algorithm. But, for the people who don’t have any Idea about..

What is Tinder & How Does Tinder Work?

Tinder is a matchmaking dating app that allows people (its users) to left or right swipe on the potential dating matches which are facilitated by Tinder based on location & interest. Where the right swipe means you’re interested in the person and left swipe implies the opposite. 

Since we got the basic question out of our way, so now let’s discuss how you can utilize Tinder to get more matches which means more dates or flings.

How to Use Tinder Effectively

1. Make a Good Tinder Profile

You need a good Tinder profile. Why? Because the basis of the algorithm is how many people like your profile, i.e., how many people swipe right on you.

When you first join Tinder, your profile gets a boost. It’s shown to a lot of people swiping that day. This way, you get a chance to meet people and Tinder algorithm gets a chance to determine your rating on their system.

So, make sure you have great photos, showing off you and your life. People want to get a glimpse of who you are and the life you lead through looking at your photos.

Also, never leave your Tinder bio empty.

effectiveness of tinder bio
Using Bio on Tinder effectively boosts your matches, so don’t miss out on it.

A boring bio or no bio at all will lead to people swiping left. People want as much info as possible to support their decision to swipe right.

If you have no bio, it shows you don’t really care enough to write one. It also gives them less info to go on.

If you want people to swipe right, have at least three photos, a good bio – Write a good dating profile.

Inside Scoop: Tinder profile Tips to 3x Your Matches.

2. The Swipe Limit

If you swipe 2,000 times in an hour, you’ll get banned. Tinder will write you off as a bot.

On the other hand, if you never swipe, you’ll be put in the back of the queue. Your profile won’t be shown to people, as it’ll look like you’re inactive, so having people swipe on you, is just a waste of their time.

If you want to be seen on Tinder, pick up your phone once, or twice, a day, and spend 5-15 minutes swiping.

3. Don’t Ghost Your Matches

talk on tinder

If you match with someone and don’t message them, it shows that either you’re a bot, or you’re ghosting people.

So why would Tinder waste their time matching you?

They want happy customers. They want people who pick up their phone and start the conversation once they’ve been matched.

Sure, we all make mistakes sometimes. We swipe right by mistake. Or maybe we were just a bit too keen to swipe one day and now that we have a few different people to talk to, that one person doesn’t seem so interesting anymore.

Fine. But try to talk to the majority of the people you swipe right on and get matched with, or your ratings will start to go down in the Tinder algorithm.

4. Use Tinder Boosts

If you realize you’ve been using Tinder in ways that don’t serve you, like swiping right on everyone and uploading crap photos and no bio…it might be time for a paid boost.

The Tinder algorithm constantly measures what’s going on. So if you want to show you’re active again and have a great profile…pay for a boost if you want things to change faster. Learn more about Tinder Boost here.

5. Tinder Use Super-Like

Apparently people who get super liked are three times as likely to swipe right on you. If nothing else, chances are they’ll stop long enough to read your profile. This can help you get more right swipes and help you increase your chances. Learn more about Tinder super-like.

6. The Unknown Factors

No one knows Tinder’s algorithm who doesn’t work there. Maybe it’s affected by your education, profession (like certain profession of Tinder get more right-swipes), etc. as well as the above-mentioned factors.

The only thing I can tell you is to create a profile filled with good, varied, pictures of yourself, a short interesting, or witty, bio and recommend you use Tinder a few times a week to ensure it shows you’re still active. Oh, and message people you match with.

See, I promised you it wasn’t rocket science!

All in all, Tinder has developed an algorithm to try to find people who are the most likely to swipe right on each other. Of course, they mix it up, but to make sure you get great matches, the best thing you can do is create a great profile. And then make sure to swipe with caution and talk to the people you match with.S

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