How to Ask a Girl Out on Tinder Successfully?

She had a pretty smile. I somehow knew we would connect instantly, but I was too afraid to ask her out on Tinder for a date.

Got the same story to tell?

If yes, then welcome on board!

All the guys out there who are unable to summon the courage to ask a girl out on Tinder, you need to relax! Even if you have had many failed attempts, keep trying. That is the rule. Don’t let your hopes die boys.

What could be better than being swiped right by the same girl you have been trying to ask out on Tinder?

In this case, the ball is in your court as you now know that this girl is already interested in you.

But what if your luck is not sufficient?

Then you need to man up and confess your feelings forthrightly. You will not know how things work out if you do not try. So, make a move and message her right away.

You want to do this, right? I'm here to help.

7 Simple Steps to ask a girl out on tinder

1. Send a Creative opener to break the ice

start the conversation with her
  • Look at her Profile pictures and read her Tinder bio to make sure your first text messages are relevant and unique to her.
  • If her profile is rather dull or you can't come up with something on your own you can make use of good Tinder openers or Tinder Icebreakers so that you still stay at top of your game.

Now that you have finally had the guts to message your girl and have been talking for a few days, how do you take it further?

Well, firstly don’t be cheesy. Do not scare her away. Try to hold a meaningful conversation to let her know that you too have emotions. 

You see, girls love that in a boy. All they need is, for you to understand them and be ready to make a little effort for them. Well, most girls are like that.

So, rather than jumping straight to the meeting part, give her a little time. But not too much time cause that would send the wrong message.

I am positive you have gotten an idea about it so far. So, what are you waiting for? Kick off the conversation now!

2. Pay attention to what she says

While texting, you need to pay attention to what she talks about to you. You could use these little details later on when you ask her out on a date.

It might seem insignificant but it is very helpful in giving her sweet surprises.

For instance, if she ever mentions that she likes Chinese food, you can make use of this information and ask her out by saying:

I am aware that you love Chinese food and I know of this XYZ  Chinese restaurant that is totally amazing. Would you like to go there with me?

She will be impressed that you remembered and will most definitely say yes! 

In case she does not, then you will need to work harder than this.

You can read our article questions to ask on Tinder to get inspiration.

3. Don't Break The Tinder Etiquette

Since we have so many things to do, it is totally normal if you are not available for a conversation. But, do let her know rather than ignoring her messages cause this could send out the wrong signal.

Just tell her you are busy and will talk later. I am sure she will understand and even appreciate that you took the time to let her know. In case she gets angry then maybe you need to think again about your choice.

These things matter guys and you cannot ignore them if you really want things to work out for both of you.

4. Ask her out for a date

ask her out on tinder conversation

So, now you guys have been texting each other quite frequently. This means she likes talking to you and would want to know you more.

So, what do you do?

A normal guy would ask her out straight away without wasting a single minute. So…

when to ask a girl out on tinder?

Wait a week or two before asking her out on a date because you don’t want to be seen as forceful. When you feel like the time is right, do it. While asking, you can tell her that you guys can meet at a certain place for drinks or lunch. This way she will know that you are actually ready to make some real efforts by planning out the date.

Plus, it also shows how sweet you can be at times. Believe me, it's definitely a great quality!

Now that you have a date to plan, I will not lecture you about how to do it perfectly. Let your creativity show. Come up with something amazing and impress your girl. You can totally do it!

5. Keep the conversation going

Keep the conversation going with her

So you guys have planned the date and the venue is decided. But the special day is still two or three days away. What to do in the meantime? Keep talking.

Do not just become invisible.

It's important to keep the conversation going. You can’t just ghost her till the day of your date arrives. Another plus point of this is that you can get to know her better. So when you guys actually meet, you will have a lot to talk about.

6. Check with her before the SPECIAL DAY

Before the day of your date, just check with her again. You could do that by saying, “So, are we still on for tomorrow?”

It's sort of a reminder and a way to let her know that you are truly looking forward to this.

Tell her how excited you are to see her cause expressing yourself is a good thing. It's all about making her feel special. JUST THAT!

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7. Do not make any last-minute changes

Follow the plan and do not make any unnecessary changes. You need to show her that she can rely on you and that you are responsible enough to deserve that. 

In case you really cannot make it then apologize for canceling at the last moment. Don’t worry. You will not lose her. Ask her if she is free some other time and there you go! This shows that you really want to meet her and it's SWEET!

This tip is just for emergency situations. It is highly unlikely you will encounter anything like this. So, relax!

Had an amazing date? Take it Forward

So, the date happened and you had a great time together. AMAZING! Let her know how much you enjoyed her company and would like to meet her again soon.

In case you guys didn't connect, it's completely alright. At least you tried. Convey your feelings honestly and move on. You have plenty of Tinder dates to go on. So, cheer up! Some things are just not meant to be.


Asking someone out on Tinder is not a Herculean task and anybody can do that. It’s really about how well you are at conversations. Winning qualities include humor, thoughtful communication, and the list goes on.

So, get your charming mode on and impress her with your wit. Even if you fail to find a pair right away, don’t lose heart. Take it as a learning experience and start all over again. 

You can do this one hundred percent. Have a little faith!

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